Monday , January 17 2022

Caitlyn Jenner's house in flames – burns down to the ground


There are currently huge forest fires in California and many people are forced to leave their homes to escape from the big fire.

One of those who fly their homes is the star "Kardashians" Caitlyn Jenner, The Mirror reports.

According to the information Mirror should have received, Jenner's house in Malibu burns down to the floor in the continuous fire.

Valuable on several million

The Jenners house, located among the Malibu Hills, is currently in the same area as the uncontrolled fire. The house, with a pool and several terraces, has been valued in several million pounds and has lived there since 2015, writing The Mirror.

Dealing with natural disasters earlier

This is not the first time that Jenner and her house suffered from natural disasters. Last year the roof was lost to the house when the winds reached 26.8 meters per second. But this time it looks darker, something that can not be saved, according to the information the Mirror has received.

The family is safe

Many of the "Keep with the Kardashians" family need to fly from their homes. Among other things Kim Kardashian Westher husband Kanye West and three children, The West, The North West England ac West Chicago.

On Friday, he released a picture of the fire on his Instagram story.

"Ask for Calabasas. Just get home and I have a package now and move away from home. I pray that everyone is safe," she's writing on Instagram.

On Friday, Kim released a movie on the fire of his Instagram story. Image source: kimkardashian / Instagram

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