Tuesday , August 9 2022

Bacteria in pipes are not dangerous to health


The Essity maker remembered wet spices. Stock Photography.image: Janerik Henriksson / TT

The wet wipes in Liberia Touch Wet were restored earlier this week after suspicion of increasing bacterial content. The test responses now show that the risk of any negative health impact is low. According to the Essity maker, the bacteria found are not usually pathogenic. If, on the other hand, they have impaired impairment or chronic lung disease, they can cause infections in some cases.

"I'm sorry if we have created anxiety. Nothing is more important than a child's health and safety and we do not take any risks, so the wet pipes have been recorded immediately after they have been detected. , the best of all production and we will take all the necessary measures to ensure that this will not happen again, "said Jennie Andersson, who is responsible for product safety for Libero at Essity in a press release .

Users who buy the ships are asked to return them to Libero.

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