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Annika and Magnus in Skövde celebrate their divorce with a party


Deema Bayaa is a Syrian film star, who recorded her reality series with her husband Ahmad, "Madame Deema's great trip in Sweden" which has been broadcast at SVT and has been on SVT Play.

It will be two terms.

Then the couple, among other things, will visit Annika Grimmevid in Skövde – who, along with her exmake Magnus, will have a divorced party to celebrate their divorce as friends, something Allehanda Skaraborg first wrote about.

– I enjoy setting parties and cooking. When we both turned 50, we had a huge party that we still remember, so why not do it now, he says.

Celebrate his divorce

Annika and Magnus are friends after they have been uninstalled.

– We still have a big link and we don't hate each other as I think many people do. But it also depends on the reason for the divorce is so clear. We were not compatible, said Annika.

Annika's view is that it is good to point out that it is possible to separate as friends really and that is why she has chosen to let the party join the TV program.

Annika likes organizing parties, he said.

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– I think it's important, because I think many won't do that and give the best to talk to each other completely. We want to celebrate that we have separated ourselves as friends and show that it is going.

"We're doing a bit the other way around" t

At the party itself, there will be about 20 people, it should be refined. Annika comes before the party, so choose a dress and set it fixed. Speech to host. Almost like a wedding party.

– We do a little the other way. I think it is important that you get it right, you agree and speak clearly. You can't guess things, you have to be honestly brutal.

"Madame Deema's fantastic Swedish tour won" the Crystal in the best reality category last year and two terms are expected next spring.

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