Sunday , July 25 2021

A suspicious car drops raises boom during police hunting

During the early Saturday morning – at 5 o'clock – a shorter police hunt took place in Gothenburg, starting on the 190 county road at Linnarhult.

The police patrol would stop a car driver there.

– We've been aware of us and we acknowledged him. He does not have a driving license and he has been driving a lot of things forward, says Hans Lippens, a spokesman for the police press in the West Region.

The driver refused to wait, which led to a car crash. However, it became a lifestyle. The driver hit the road during the hunting, but he had to give it up soon after.

– It went well for five minutes. I do not know exactly how to put the car to the best, but soon after the man forced the prosperity on the way, the batrol stopped the car, says Lippens .

Doubt of multiple crimes

The driver, a man in his 60s, is now being suspected of a series of crimes, including gross negligence in traffic, gross illegal driving. Later, he also came to the car in question, and the driver was also suspected of turning to a transportation method.

– The person here is in our store now, but he will certainly be released during the day, says police police spokesman in the West Region, Hans Lippens.

No-one was injured at the event.

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