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A recommendation to the county council to introduce a new drug in MS

The NT Council recommends that the county council uses Ocrevus(ocrelizumab) fIslandThe primary advanced MS treatment. In MS forestry, the NT Council recommends county councils to use the most cost effective treatment. TLV assesses Ocrevus as cost-effective or cost savings compared to other approved options.

The NT Council recommends the county council that Ocrevus ▼ (ocrelizumab) may be introduced as a treatment option for advanced MS and forest MS.

  • In the primary progressive MS, Ocrevus can be used as a treatment option for a defined patient group *.
  • In MS forestry, county councils are recommended to use MS most cost-effective treatment among the alternatives available.

The Dental and Pharmaceutical Agency assesses cost-effective Ocrevus in comparison to a number of other relevant options in MS forestry. Ocrevus is therefore regulated and health is evaluated economically and is now available as an alternative to treating MS MS patients.

"We are very pleased with this recommendation from the HC Council. Ocrevus has proved convincing results in global studies in MS forest and advanced primary MS. Ocrevus is approved in 70 countries and over 70,000 patients have already receiving treatment, says Margareta Olsson Birgersson, Medical Director of Roche, Sweden.

– It is positive that we now have another alternative for MS forest, and for the first time we have an approved treatment for primary advanced MS. For patients, it is very valuable with new options that can slow down an illness course effectively and be a long time treatment, said Jan Lycke, Professor of Neurology, Gothenburg University, and Senior Lecturer at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

* Age ≤ 55 years, length of illness ≤ 15 years, EDSS ≤ 6.5, signs of inflammatory infirmity due to the presence of recent loading load lesions (about 3 months) and MR performed.

About Ocrevus

Ocrevus is a targeted human antibody drug designed to specifically target positive B2020 cells B. Ocrevus has planned to be particularly suitable for long-term MS treatment and is & Demonstrate a low degree of drug adverse formation. Ocrevus is put into infusion twice a year.

CD20 is a protein that is found on the body's B cell surface, which has a key role in the inflammation that occurs in multiple sclerosis and leads to harm to myelin and axons. These injuries lead to disability in most people with MS. Clinical studies show that Ocrevus reduces the number of positive CD20 B cells. However, Ocrevus does not affect cell cells or plasma cells, which means that the important functions of the immune system are kept.

For more information

Lotta Luciani, Communications Manager, Roche AB, 073-334 23 13,


1.NT Advice:

2ndDentistry and Drug Rehabilitation:

This medication is subject to better monitoring. This will allow you to identify new security information quickly. Healthcare workers are asked to report any suspected adverse reaction. The report should be made to the Swedish Medicines Agency or directly to Roche at or by phone 08 – 726 12 00.

About Roche

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