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With an electric car after the famous skiing Streif


At the end of January, at the end of January, Audi installed a technical prototype of its first SUV with an electric driver, with the best Alpine skiers fighting for the winner at the Petelin ridge.

Audi E-tron with special equipment has a "muscle" climbing the legendary Streif – with an 85% slope, this is the steepest part of the spectacular ski slopes.

Audi A3 Sportback

Audi A3 e-tron


Audi A3 e-through six thousand over a comparable petrol engine

Audi's e-maid was tested extensively on the race race last year at Pikes Peak in the United States, but now he has been sent to the famous Streif in Kitzbuhel, where he is the best ski in the world measured each year in the skiing. Audi has sent his electric vehicle up to the "muscle" to show that quattro technology is technically viable in an electric car.

Audi quattro e-tron concept

Audi C6


Audi's quattro e-tron will go far, far away

Mattias Ekström, the world champion of rallycross and a two-time champion in the DTM, was sitting behind the SUV electric prototype wheel. & # 39; Mišnica & # 39; is the steep slope of the famous Streif ski slopes in Kitzbühel with an 85% slope. Because the technological prototype can take up the hill along this section of the line, it had a special quattro drive, which has two electric motors on the back axis, and one ahead.

Listen through the GT

E-through GT


Audi e-tron GT is a sporting sedan tomorrow

In addition, the vehicle developed a short-term power of 370 kW and 8.920 Nm of wheeled track. For special conditions on the Streif line, Audi had also adapted the drive torque and torque distribution in the vehicle software. In order to obtain an appropriate snow and ice grip, 19 inches were made with special pins, designed specially for this test.

Audi C7 e-tron

Use less than 2 l


The C7 e-mails listen tremendously promise to drink less than two liters

For safety, the vehicle had a safety jack and a 6-seat security belt with a seat belt. The vehicle was only with the protection of the return of the vehicle, where a safety wire was installed. The performance was performed without a removal device.

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