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Why did the Germans turn Adria?

Why did Sven Kukemelk, until recently, become one of the leaders of the Nordic Nordica airline, to the managers? CEO Holger Kowarsch will soon be disappointed, and as a result Adria Airways has created a high loss?

Today, information has spread to the public, yes Holger Kowarsch after one year, leaving General Manager of Adria Airways. He took care of that Sven Kukemelk, Former business development director of the Nordic airline Nordica, which unintentionally announced on Linkedin and Facebook social networks that he took the post of General Manager of Adria.

This was rejected in Adria and added that Kowarsch remains at the helm of Adria, where he will remain responsible for finance and trade. However, Kukemelk took office director of the company responsible for the executive company. He will continue to lead Adria Air School.

In the supporting leadership structure, the company will be more successful in getting to grips with the issues and challenges that we face in Adria and all European carriers, t "Adria explained in

The Germans swallowed a promise

Adria Airways has recently expanded the fleet and scope of its operations, but at the same time has faced major operational problems. Last year, according to our knowledge, one reached the worst business results in its history.

Holger Kowarsch ran Adria Airways for a year.

Holger Kowarsch ran Adria Airways for a year.
Photo: Adria Airways

In the spring, an agreement was reached with the Russians to supply new aircraft, and according to our knowledge, the money to settle the air carrier against the black scenario. This was later confirmed by the Russians, who noted, as a reason for the negotiations, Adria's uncertain financial situation. At the time Adria insisted that they were the ones who had withdrawn from the business.

As we said, the 4K Invest promised, the German fund that bought the airline company that had deteriorated financially from the state and announced its business revival, ten million euros of fresh capital. This money is intended to cover part of the obligations to suppliers, while Adria will be saved from intimidating insolvency. But there will be no capital increase.

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Adria Airways: The Germans will eat the word, millions will not



What holds Adria over the water?

In fact, only four million euros paid by the Germans in the capital of Adria, while the rest are paid with accounting tricks. Amongst other things, they themselves branded a brand name for themselves and thus created huge assets from the start.

Adria only looks at separate agreements with creditors, proving that he can settle obligations. According to the latest data, the company already had more than 50 million euros of liabilities, including leasing, where we leased the fleet.

The poorer reputation of the national carrier

Delays, cancellations and repeated calls of passengers affected by compensation paid to Adria Airways last year left a large stain on its reputation.

At the latest AirHelp sites on the reliability of global airlines, our national carrier has risen to 63 places among the 72 companies surveyed.

Adria Airways

Photo: Bor Slana

Adria performed badly in all areas, with delays and cancellations (51th places) as well as the quality of service assessed by passengers (62th place). It is estimated that the worst time taken to process claims and how many were incorrectly refused (64th place).

Adria Airways is at the bottom of the scale with low cost European airlines such as easyjet (UK), Ryanair (Ireland), Transavia (Netherlands) and Laudamotion (Austria), and low cost Asian airlines trying to penetrate the region. .

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