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What is most effective at removing stretch marks – Mica


Caring for different preparations

There are many creams, serums, oils, silicone gels and medicines available online, pharmacies and drugstores. similar preparations, with the use of it possible to reduce these types of skin lesions.

"In fact there is no scientific evidence that these devices, which usually contain cocoa butter, are vitamin E or olive oil, reduce the size of stretch marks, "says a dermatologist Meghan Freeley However, he added: "It is true that it stimulates the formation of collagen with them, preventing the emergence of new skin sores."

Is it safe to use?

In, especially for the purpose preventative. The use of such preparations does not have adverse effects, but neither does it promise significant consequences in terms of elimination. They are most effective in the period when these skin lesions are red, as they slow down the deepening and soften their appearance.

Procedures in beauty salons and clinics

Dermatologists and cosmetic workers use laser, microglid and fill therapies.
During the laser treatment, the expert irradiates the skin. The laser beam energy is absorbed stroke or scarstherefore, they disappear and, to some extent, shrink, while even smaller ones disappear. After the procedure, the skin on the area has been treated red and slightly swollen, but this disappears after a few days.

Microwave therapy involves minor injections which should stimulate formation collagen and skin rejuvenation. The injections have been filled with skin trying to wipe the scars or the nervous skin.

"These therapies are effective, helping to create collagen and promote resilience skinat the same time relieve the presence of inflammation in it. Especially for laser therapy and needle.
Injections with fillings contain hyaluronic acid, filling the scars, and the scars raised by corticosteroid injections can be reduced, "explains Freeley.

Is it safe to use?

They usually treat them as eligible experts, which knows how to evaluate the appropriate procedure and how many therapies are leading to an improvement, they do not pose a risk, but it is true that deep stretch marks, not old t .

Surgical procedures

A plastic surgeon kills old injuries, but this is an operation that leaves new scars behind. These can be mitigated by laser therapy.

"Skin lesions with surgical procedures cannot be removed completely, but individuals are usually selected for this treatment with large, heavy t strijami and only if they are seriously disrupted and you are satisfied with the fact that the process will not give you a perfect result, but that it will let itself less and less, but also scarring, " Negative consequences of the procedure and thorough consideration of the front the dermatologist warns.

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