Thursday , August 11 2022

We calculated the reader how much he will pay for the new one


LJUBLJANA – The largest Slovenian bank, NLB, decided to launch a package offer. They learned a lot from the bank notice they had received, and were surprised, above all, by the amount of packages offered to them. For example, our reader offered the Active package, the monthly fee is 9.4 euro.

The reader was shocked, you know how much money this is. Then we asked him to give us a piece of all the costs we face with the bank. We collected them in the table, and the result of our reader has passed.

This was offered to him

The Operational Package, offered to it, costs EUR 9.40. In this package, without extra expenses, as this has already been included in a monthly flat rate price, paying online payment orders (UPN orders and post-warrant guarantees), twice a month, withdrawing money from another bank without commission (from the third draw it will cost 0, 55 euros per rise), use Klik's online bank, receive a deferred payment card, and notify the situation with the situation ( SMS-Alarm).

How old is it

The reader, who dealt with us, gave us bank statements for three consecutive months, so we calculated the monthly average, which is a more realistic picture of his behavior:

  • the running costs of the account were equivalent to 2.6 euros,
  • on average he spent EUR 2.71 (on three debentures), he has to pay four to six payment orders via the Internet and UPN order)
  • ATM fundraising costs EUR 2.75 (average five months),
  • online bank: € 0.75, t
  • More use: EUR 2.08 (twelve-year subscription, which according to the reader's data is EUR 25).
  • SMS notification for deferred payment card – 1 euro.

Each of the above equates to an average of EUR 11.89 per month.

What is the difference?

From the above, it is clear that almost all services, in the Active package, will be included in the monthly flat rate, except fundraising on other ATM banks. On average, they do five a month, while there are only two in the pack. There is therefore a charge of £ 0.55 for the remaining three – a total of EUR 1.65. If we add this to a monthly flat rate, this means a reduction of 11.05 euro per month.

If we compare the situation back old and new, the difference will be 0,84 Euro per month. And this is in favor of the new package. However, if the reader avoids raising money on other banks' ATMs (NLB owns almost a third of ATMs in Slovenia), the new package would be more expensive for him (his spending would be banking services amounted to EUR 9.14 per month, while the monthly fee for the new package costs 9.40 €).

Would you be willing to take another package?

We also wondered whether it would be more reasonable to change the package to be cheaper, in The Basic. A monthly flat rate is 4.99, it includes an annual subscription for Karanto (the reader uses the Visa card, for example, that he is ready to adapt to this). Paying payment orders via the online bank would cost 0,40 Euros, 0.28 dynamics holders, and two withdrawals at the ATM are free (from the third, onwards). 0.55 Euros for drawing back), Click would have to pay EUR 0.75, SMS-Alarm would cost 1.10 euros a month. With each other, this would cost nearly 14 euros after our calculation, which means that this package would be uncomfortable for him.

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