Wednesday , May 25 2022

Turn 50 meters away


NEW GORICA – A passenger car driver, damaged on the highway near the Old Village in the Kobarid borough, was damaged and damaged by a traffic accident that occurred at 21.42 in morning 21.42. "It was found that a 36-year-old driver drove along the highway from Robič to Kobarid. When he drove in the left direction during the run, he did not adjust the speed and drive mode to the course, features technical and other road features, and driving skills, "said the cause of the accident, that is, the speed that can not be adjusted, the spokesman of the PU Nova Gorica Dean Božnik.
He was driving the driver with his / her personal vehicle outside the vehicle road and confrontation with a traffic sign, while the rear of the car turned to the right. The car ran almost 50 meters, and then there were about five meters from the carriageway edge. "During the passage of the car, a driver who did not use a safety belt when driving was thrown out of the vehicle and as a result lay on the meadow," said Božnik.

The firefighter driver found

The first driver of the driver, who was unconscious, came to PGD Kobarid firefighters, who came to the scene of the accident before the Tolmin amphitheater. The man was about 25 meters away from the vehicle, and the firefighters first aided the damaged driver heavily at the place and place. Firstly, those who survived the victim were given treatment at Šempeter Hospital, and then to the Ljubljana Clinical Center.

The first driver, who was unconscious, was 25 meters from the car, by the PGD Kobarid firefighters.

"In the end, Bovec and traffic police officers also reported serious traffic accidents, which will act on the basis of all the facts stated," said Božnik.

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