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Tristan's love leaves Kardashian's home


Although Tristan Thompson cheated Khloe Kardashian shortly before he was born, Khloe turned off and tried to connect. Then I hit the news she was cheating again and this time she was enough. Now there is more detail about its illegality.

The story of the love of Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian is over.PHOTO: Media

Tristan also cheats Khloe with Jordyn Woods.PHOTO: Media

Who is basketball player? Tristan Thompson a few days before his daughter was born True cheated partnerKhloe Kardashian, not only his Kardashian family was condemned for his deeds, but also the public. But despite opposition from family and friends, Khloe jumped over the plot, as she did not want to deprive her father's daughter.

Now it's broken again. Clearly Tristan did not learn, because he jumped over the plot to the Valentine Weekend. When he wrote foreign media, he even entertained Valentine's Day. A 27-year-old athlete had fun in a private party Jordan Clarksonin Los Angeles. While Khloe has published pink pink flowers on Instagram, which was received from Tristan, he danced with young men.

"It was Valentine's party to a single, very real, just for those invited. Tristan was also smiling and legendary, who danced with friends and girls immediately. Some of us thought what he was doing here. He started drinking, flushing with the girls – it seemed like he was no longer with Khloe,"said the person who was present in the party. The viewers also added that they went to bedrooms during the night with two daughters and returned to the party some hour later.

Kylie Jenner to JordynPHOTO: Media

In a few days, she came to a story with her Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods, the best friend Kylie Jenner, which was more than a decade of Kardashian's family, was the one that Tristan also cheated Khloe, which was a great shock to the Kardashian-Jenner family as a whole. That's the last nail of Khloe in the coffin.

According to the latest media reports, the 21st birthday living at Kardashian House has already moved away. "Jordyn went to her mother. It's also a very difficult time, it's broken because of everything,"said a source close to the young man in the US media. The youngest of the famous family was also cut".Kylie has a very difficult time. It is destroyed, "quoted in E! News:"She does not want to believe that this has happened. She wanted to give her an opportunity, Jordyn explained to her what had happened. He does not know what to do. She's been astonished and confusing. Jordyn was another sister, she was always on her side, who can not imagine life without her."Kylie and Jordyn met in a primary school through an ordinary friend Jaden Smith, son of a recognized actor Will Smith.

And what's the epilogue?

Foreign media says that Tristan's colleagues and friends were not surprised at the athlete's behavior, even saying that Khloe was stupid that she insisted on the relationship. "Tristan does not worry what her True girl is going to do. In fact, he does care, he has long since been able to give up the relationship. I have never thought that you really want to go back to the bond,"his friends were genuinely with the media.

Kardashian – the Jenner family has already been in contact with him, even to the social media involved – Kim Tristan and Jordyn removed their social networks. Meanwhile, Khloe has already been held publicly despite being brave, but she is depressing on her face.

Khloe for the first time in front of the photographers.PHOTO: Media

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