Friday , August 19 2022

Three tonnes of kebabs have been infected with Salmonella


The Ministry of Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection announced that he received information on the presence of salmonella in the cebab having frozen through a Rapid Alert System RASFF, supplied by Alebon from Poland.

As they told us in the Food Safety Board, there are tons of cattle and beef turkey cabbages.

Here is a new example of salmonella in a Polish cabin cabbage. As we reported on Thursday, we have already consumed four tons of controversial kebab, salmonella infections and medicines left in Slovenia. It was sold across the country, the Food Safety Authority was discovered, and the controversial kebab had received 38 fast food suppliers in 23 locations.

In total 12 tonnes of Polish quarry quab – just over six tonnes to Croatia and Hungary, and about five tonnes for us. They did not check this kit again – as they confirmed that it had infected with Salmonella.

A new example of salmonella in the cabbage in our country.Photograph: Channel A

At the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), they say, if salmonella meat has cooked well or has cooked, salmonella is destroyed. However, it can stay on board, the counter – where we got infected meat. "TThen I'll cut fruit, vegetables and salmonella to other foods, "they still explain to the NIJZ.

On Thursday, the Croatian police stopped Slovene who was carrying meat for kabbabs crossing the border Harmica near Obrežje. There was something suspicious to the politicians, so a veterinary inspection was called for the visit. The inspectors confirmed that they had transported the disagreement meat for salmonella infected kabbits from Poland based on an identifiable LOT number. When examining where he transported 570 kilograms of meat, it was found to be a meat whose distribution has already banned.

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