Wednesday , November 25 2020

Thinking it was over, Jacqueline surprised everyone (PHOTO).

At school Love at home the surprise continues. This time she had to Jacqueline to announce which of the boys will say goodbye. Well, as we’ve already reported, they have so far enjoyed spending time with the beautiful beauty. Especially when they had to massage her. Even before the decision was made, the boys discussed what their options were.

Touches in the jacuzzi

“When we were in the jacuzzi together, we touched, awoke with passion,” we could hear from him Boštjana. This one also said it was They are watching “‘Rewound’ for Jacqueline.” “It’s too old for her, not for her tastes,” he justified his statement. But everyone agreed that they were on thorns. “I cry when I see her,” Miran added.

The boys were on thorns. PHOTO: Voyo

Then there it is May he told Jacqueline what the boys were arguing, but added that Boštjan might be expecting too much and that he is jealous of the other boys.

But the moment came and Jacqueline said before making the decision, “When I saw the boys standing opposite me, it felt like they were waiting for a shot.”

She joked with Boštjan

that’s okay Sandi and Miran was the first to learn that they continue to fight for her heart. She joked with Boštjan that she had to go home, so she was completely shocked and saddened. When he learned he was waiting, though, he was clearly surprised and happy. “She ‘teased me’ and at the same time scared me a lot because I really wanted to win her,” said Boštjan.

Well, Maj wasn’t surprised that he was going home, as he and Jacqueline had talked about it before.

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