Monday , July 4 2022

There is clear evidence that two cups of coffee extend daily life


At the beginning of this month they are in the announcement European Journal of Epidemiology published a comparison analysis of the previous 40th study, which amounted to more than three million individuals, and that people who drank two cups a day coffee, a significantly lower risk of premature death compared to non-drinkers.

Scientists have found that so much coffee of 17 percent reduces the risk to heart disease, for 24 per cent, there is a lower risk to ginger diabetes and a four percent lower risk of being fatal to either or the other of them type of cancer. And this regardless of their age, sex, smoking habits and body weight.

However, it is true that the investigation has a few drawbacks: no one really checked how much coffee was actually drinking and their claims could be wrong. Also, the type of coffee was not considered during the analysis and was not possible accessories, which may affect the effects of coffee.

Anyway: Earlier studies have shown that coffee can reduce the risk of some diseases. One of the smaller ones, for example, found that the regular consumption of coffee by 16 per cent reduced the risk to t Alzheimer's diseaseThe other, which included 50,000 women, came to the conclusion that 15 per cent reduced the risk of depression.

In short, eating coffee is moderately healthy. So don't worry about taking a couple of cups a day without worrying.

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