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The scandal at Eurovision, Zala and Gašper is not thirteen!

The votes of the Belarusian jury were removed because they revealed the results of the vote in the first semifinal, which is against the rules.

Instead of their votes, voting aggregates were taken from voting in other countries, which were considered in the results. This was also agreed by voting manager Ernst & Young.

When the standard control procedures were carried out, it was found that due to a human error, the incorrect aggregate result had been used. This did not affect the telephone voting or the winner, and remains the same order of the first four songs.

Now they have released new results consistent with the rules.

Zala and Gašper after the poll results were republished on the 15th and no more on the thirteenth. According to new results, Cyprus and Malta, which was earlier on 15 and 16, jumped ahead of Slovenia.

The fifth after the new Sweden, which was sixth, replaced the cities with Norway. Northern Macedonia was the seventh place in Azerbaijan, which was lower than the city. Australia is the ninth and tenth of Iceland.

"EBU and its partners are annoying and Ernst & Young justifies a great deal that they haven't found these errors earlier and, to prevent something like this in the future, review all processes in the process , " they reported.

Gašper Šantl and Zala Kralj


Unfortunately, how we expected Zalo and Gasper

Eurovision 2019

Eurovision 2019


The winner is the Netherlands, and Zala and Gasper are great!


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