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The Restive group will not block the union agreement with the government


In co-ordinating the group strike of public sector unions, led by Jakob Počivavšek, it was decided not to obstruct an agreement agreed by the government side Monday with the school and two health unions. As explained by Počivavšek today, otherwise they want to see the final text of the strike agreement.

He urged the government to meet them again on Wednesday and submit them the final text of the agreement, which, if they understand it, is not yet completed.

"We are the first to get as many public employees as possible with the highest salaries that arise from the contract or agreement for solving strike requirements as soon as possible. last but at least, our co-ordination of hit committees was one that has always tried to agree referring to all civil servants, unlike some trade unions that have represented very narrow interests in these discussions, "he emphasized Jakob Počivavšek.

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It is expected that the government and the trade unions will sign an agreement on Wednesday




The Pokrivka group did not succeed in two desired commitments

In their words, they find in a part that has financial consequences, that they can be satisfied with the results achieved in the discussions, and from the government they wanted two other commitments, which they missed. The first is associated with an improved evaluation of individual posts, which were discussed by some unions and government with some unions, with the same uniform increase anticipated to all.

According to Počivavšek, they wanted to agree with the government to assess the impact of these exemptions on the evaluation of other posts in the public sector in the coming year. If we find that, according to the same criteria and with the same justification for one pay class, another job evaluation should be increased, then we would agree that next year, he explained.

"It's not a matter of asking for any special action, but just want to keep the right to negotiate on the basis of the same criteria and justification that the government has already agreed to evaluate some jobs better, "said Počivavke. According to him, these jobs and titles are more than 160, but only four in the field of healthcare activities, four in the field of research activity, and not just state administration and salary group J.

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On Wednesday, three trade unions would start the agreement with the government

Secondly, they were expecting the government to provide financial resources for more labor costs. Based on their knowledge and previous experience, they fear that there will be funding difficulties in some parts of the public sector if the commitment does not take place to realize what is agreed.

Despite the fact that these applications remain open, they have decided not to require the integration of both subscriptions to the agreement. Already now, they announce, in 2019, if funding problems arise, they will be responsible for activities in this regard. They also plan next year to assess the impact of the government-agreed exemptions, to address its interest requirements.

On Wednesday, the three unions, who agreed on Monday with government negotiators, have already started the strike agreement.

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