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The rebellion took off with the judges and the judges took Klemna Lampiča.


In the first part of the elimination test, Špela Golob and Maj Janežič were exceptional, and Bojan Beštr managed to succeed. On the harder part of the adrenaline cooking test, Sanji Sirk and Tomaž Zevnik seemed very bad at first, but Klemen Lampič made too much mistake at the end.

Bine Volčič wished a two-part ban test for the winners. In the first part, they competed in pairs. The balcony remained better, and the worst part of the test was worse. Anza Kuplenik, who was safe, set the money. Špela fought against Tomaž, Bojan to Sanji, Klemen against May.

Anže has set the moneyPHOTO: POP TV

The main ingredient they cooked was pork. Tomaž realized that there was not enough time to prepare the rice, Sanja had the same problem with pepper's stuffed, and she suspected that she would manage to overcome Bojana. Klemen was not afraid of Maja, who, however, made a greater impression on his idea of ​​Karim. Špela also suspected her success, was tormented by the fact that the judges so far, unlike Tomaž, have not yet praised. Tomaž and Sanja raised another route, which did not appear promising judge. Bojan was eventually with his nerves, but, like some other competitors, he was proud of the plate.

Luko gave to BojanPHOTO: POP TV

Tomaž showed too little to be a piece of plate Špela. The competitor came to his own account of the end and got great credit. Bine: "With this time you tested why you're MasterChef."The definite dose had the necessary self-confidence, and Sanja failed to impress the judges, but Bojan didn't use his knowledge to persuade him with his plate. But he was lucky Sanjin's plate was worse, as he could climb to the balcony and advised him to think about the experience he had just experienced, and in May he impressed his own time, and Klemen also prepared a delicious dish, but it has been removed by the details how they live.

Špela after the concrete portion of self-confidence obtainedPHOTO: POP TV

Klemen, Sanja and Tomaž must take the hardest part of the elimination test. One of the three meals prepared by the judges had to be created, but not all were as heavy. Bojan, Špela and Maj gave Sanji the easiest plate, while Clemnu was the hardest.

All three had been critical in the second part of the testPHOTO: POP TV

Initially, Tomaž had problems, but Klemen fought in the challenge, he was well organized and he was totally focused. Competitors on the balcony encouraged Sanja to hurry. She wanted to test and walk out of her frame. Bine then confused Sanjo, but he collected and continued, and Tomaž played literally with fire. However, Luke found that he was going home, but the situation came unexpectedly. A piece of Sanjin meat was a few minutes before the end of a big question, while Klemen fought with time, but ended two minutes before the end of the challenge.

Tomaz was playing with firePHOTO: POP TV

Sanja said that the test caused her a lot of stress that she did not feel the ground under her feet. Fortunately, he managed to bake meat, unfortunately, too little. But the other components were just as ready and because of the praise he was crying. He was tasked with testing himself with his food. Klein warned Bine that he had forgotten to put all the components on the plate, for which he had more than enough time. He made many mistakes, and the judges regretted it, as he prepared a very tasty meat. Luka Jezeršek, however, was completely surprised by the dish that Tomaž put in front of the referee. Port: "Where did you go?"He prepared an identical plate for the scene, and the competitor said that he needed their help to succeed, and because the flavors were in such a way, Luka arrived in his hand, and he did; The plate must bring proud judges again.

Klemen Lampic was the one who did the worst. He said he had learned a lot, thanked the judges for all the comments and added that he was leaving with pride and to be in front of him a great way.

Next week, the competitors will fight to fill the top five places. There will be tears. Don't miss it on Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm on POP TV. Pre-broadcast Slovenian MasterChef on VOYO day.

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