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The power station Šoštanj has a new manager. It came from Alstom.


Mitja Tašler, senior member of the French Alstom, will be a equipment supplier for the temporary TEŠ6 project, Termoelektrarna Šoštanj (TEŠ), being prosecuted by the Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE) before the pumping tribunal in Vienna.

The control of the Termoelektrarna Šoštanj temporarily takes place from March 1st Mitja Tasler, the current manager. Indeed, a number of sources have confirmed that Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE), the sole owner of TEŠ, will be appointing the company's active director for half a year. In the meantime, the Team should accept a director with a full mandate.

Tasler follows Uroš Rotnik, The Simone Totu, The Franco Rosco, The Peter Dermol, The Matjaz Eberlin inside Arman Koritniku, who resigned last month, the seventh director of TŠ in the last decade.

Arman Koritnik

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Career & new manager: CEE, Alstom, TEŠ

He started his career as a civil engineer at CEE, formerly former engineer of TŠ Petar Kotar, one of the suspects in the case of TEŠ6.

As is known, CEE took part in each stage of preparing the TEŠ6 project. Tašler was employed in the company until 2010, and took part in the preparation of tender documents for the construction license and the main technological equipment. Then, Alstom French was given approximately $ 800 million of business, which according to the perceptions of the criminals advising Kotar.

The current director Arman Koritnik was also offered a tascer for his successor (provisionally).

The current director Arman Koritnik was also offered a tascer for his successor (provisionally).
Photo: STA

When in HSE in 2010, due to the double role of Kotar revealed in the transaction, intervention was interrupted with the cooperation between TEŠ and CEE, Tašler went to Drydan Power Thermal Trbovlje, where he led a treatment project. A year later he joined TEŠ. A project manager was on sale of construction blocks of 641 billion euros, which led him to the plant Branko Debeljak, today is the executive director of the technical sector.

In spring 2013, when Peter Dermol took the power work, Tasler, as a former director of Simon Tota, came to recover. He discovered a new post at Alstom (later renamed General Electric). In the autumn of 2017, that is, after the end of the warranty of the new block, he returned to Shop. About one time, HSE came against Alstom to act in the Arbitration Court in Vienna for compensation.

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Foreign ship, burning waste, the law closed …

Toshler was also offered by Koritnik for his successor (provisionally), who resigned in January for personal reasons. A new team with full powers will be searched at HSE with the help of the HR agency.

In the coming months, Tashler can not wait for work. Since 2016, when block 6 has been fully operational, a team has been operating with a high loss at present, but this year the business will be driven by rising CO emission allowances CO2.

Although Šoštanj awaits the Environment Agency's decision on importation of coal from abroad, requested last December, it will soon be clear how serious the plans are for HSE and TŠ by burning tens of thousands of tons of waste in block 6. In the past the debating days in the official circles began the need to draft the law closing the Premogovnik Velenje and TEŠ, which is expected to occur between 2030 and 2040.

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