Monday , November 23 2020

The photos definitely prove to be on the videos of R. Kelly?

R & B R. Kelly, who has the real name of Robert Kelly, ran for the police in Chicago, Illinois, after being accused of the sexual assault of minors . Lawyer Michael Avenatti even tweeted pictures of the movie that proves that he goes without saying a star.

R. Kelly drove to the police. Will he be able to prove his deeds?PHOTO: AP

52 year old singer R. Kelly faces ten allegations of sexual abuse involving four victims. It is alleged that three women are underage at the time of alleged meetings between 1998 and 2010. When issuing a arrest warrant, they did not provide any security, but the superstar gave himself to the police.

Her advocate Steven Greenberg has shown that his client will appear in court for security, and he is convinced that he will be forgiven.

The singer's advocate, Steven Greenberg, said he was sure they were forgiven.PHOTO: AP

The alleged victims were arrested by a press conference prosecutor's conference Kim Foxx identified by the starter, lawyer in California Michael Avenatti He confirmed that he represented one of the women involved in this case. His party was allegedly on controversial pieces where there was some with R. Kelly, who had been transferred by Avenatti to the prosecutors earlier this month. For this reason, the authorities called a large jury to decide whether fees should be charged against the musician. Avenatti even went until he had tweeted a few pictures of the controversial movie that he tried or did. are convinced that Mr Kelly on them.

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In specific images of R & B, the star deals with various sexual acts, including those who are to be a young girl, 14, late 1990s. Avenatti did not comment on whether his client is a girl with music, but believes he will finally win the right. "I am convinced that Mr Kelly will be convicted of several deeds, at the end of this trip,"he says.

Michael Avenatti, lawyer of California, is "convinced that Mr Kelly will be convicted of several deeds" at the end of this trip.PHOTO: AP

Mr Kelly faces a prison of three to seven years for each crime if convicted.

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