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"The game of throne reminds us that the war is cruel, especially for women"


Although the number of children with heroic names from the series is increasing worldwide, even some universities offer lectures on the theme of Thrones Games in the United States. Picture: IMDb

The fantasy broadcast, based on book suggestions George R. R. Martin, The song of ice and fire, has many fans in our country, which is also credited with Boštjan Gorenc – Pajama, which translated most thousands of pages of this book into an unfinished story. Despite many criticisms of supporters, the latest episode of the series is satisfied: t "After the low expectations made by the penultimate part, I was very impressed with yesterday's game. Of course there is some inconsistency, but mostly I felt positive when I got the last point of it." abolished. " The pigeons believe that even Martin will complete the two missing books in the Ice and Fire Collection collection, which have already separated in the previous seasons. "I think some points will end in the same way as in the series, only the paths will be a little more logical." He also intends to translate the two books.

With Martin, we have a colorful set of characters, moving around in every shade of moral greed t
The fact that the masses like the story they don't like the fantasy genre at all, Bostjan Gorenc gives to the authenticity of the characters: "There are no very stereotypical routes in his books, as they are still in fantasy literature before the end of the 1990s. We have no characters that would be very positive or negative, but in terms of links with others, they are going through the whole spectrum of morality, the way of writing is very interesting. In the books we trace stories through the views of individual characters, so it is also interesting that some see them as positive and others The series took place at the time when money and technical capabilities came in, so that it made a show on TV. "

We spoke to the podcast author Anže Tomič, with film critic Igor Harb, and with the philosopher and journalist Simon Habjan. Photo: Radio Slovenia

The throne game warns that the wars are cruel, they also raped your "soldiers"
Although the number of children with heroic names from the series is increasing worldwide, even some universities offer lectures on the theme of Thrones Games in the United States. One of these is the North American University of Illinois, where he has been teaching for 30 years Jeffrey Chown. It is estimated that a large part of the popularity of the series is also at the expense of clear images of sexuality, rape, wars. "The author George RR Martin and Game of Thrones have done us a favor. They reminded us when we were fighting, we also have violence, and this kind of I was surprised by the last episode of some characters, after the others started giving them the best of the King's wharf, raping the inhabitants there, and although we were so terrified by Dany's move that he has burned down the whole city, we have soldiers here on the side we are innocent spiral civilians. At some point, Jon Sneg even stops one of his soldiers reminding you that there is no nothing like the Lord of the Circles, where everything is harmless, but the war is cruel, especially for women, if you look at what happens in territories like the Middle East, Ethiopia, t Yemen … The problems of such a occurrence around the world, and the biggest we do the war is in the fictional representation of this fictional, the most forgetful is true war t Ugly the Gorsedd of the Gorsedd is effective from this point of view. "

About the throne game, streaming content streaming, Jackie Chanu inside "new big things" on the following link with the guests: with the author of the podcast Anže Tomic, with a film critic Igor Harbom and with a philosopher and journalist Simon the Hab.

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