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Similarities between the statue … Photo: Twitter Facts / Mo Salah

Mo Salah

… and the real person … is well hidden from his eyes. Photo: EPA

Egypt is the country's biggest sports star

November 5, 2018 at 12:15
Sharm el Sheikh – MMC RTV SLO

Egyptian football stars, Mohammed Salah, have been sculptured in Sharm el-Sheikh, but as this image of Cristiano Ronaldo, this product on social networks has become a target of disgrace.

The statue was officially unveiled on Sunday as part of the World Youth Forum (WYF), which was held in this resort town along the Red Sea. The statue shows Salah with a lustrus hair strip, a broad smile and a wider hand, and celebrates his efforts on soccer lawns. He was made by a sculptor Mai Abdel Alah, who told the local media that he was doing the statue, because he was in Salah "symbol of excellence" for the Egyptian youth. He described his work with words "Reliable" in "exactly".

Everything is beautiful and fine, but the football player recognizes only a few Egyptians in the art sculpture. Many have written on the networks that the statue is more like a singer Read Sayer or Art Garfunkla or Marva's margin of the movie hit I'm home.

Salah can be comforted at least by joining a long list of footballers who have not made a very lucky statue. First of course, the statue of the soccer stars is falling Cristiana Ronalda, who was found seriously last year at an airport on his native island of Madeira, but became a target of immediate combat, as the face was not nearly the same as the CR7.

26-year-old Salah, who is also a member of Liverpool Football Club, has scored 32 goals in his first season at this club, but this year he signed a new five-year agreement with this team.

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