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He emphasized the month that the issue of sales of NLB and Abanka is key to Levica and to agree with government. Photo: BoBo

Levica wants to give the best to sell Abanka and the rest of NLB

November 15, 2018 at 16:05
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, STA

Levica proposed that the National Assembly should give the best to sell an Abanka and NLB shareholding, which he owns and sells by the end of 2019. Dragonja says that the Ministry Finance explores Abanka property.

According to the secretary, the Ministry of Finance will Draggy Dull had examined whether he could have found a completely new scenario for the fate of the owner of Abanka, who had already bought the sales. "It needs to be evaluated in terms of state aid and the stability of the banking system, and to determine whether it is practicable at all, "said Dragonja, so he allowed Abanka not to sell."We will look at what the last state state would mean. Left, the strategy for managing property of the state should be changed, "said after the end of the parliamentary finance committee session.

According to Dragonja, Abanka alone could repay state aid in the amount of around 770 million euros. "This means that the bank must repay state aid less dividends of assets and minus the effects of compensatory measures; in any case, there would be about 600 million euros,"he said, as he mentioned, that such cases existed, but banks usually sold part of their business and thus repaying state aid.

Dragonja recalled that a state asset management strategy adopted in 2015 predicts that the bank will be fully sold to the strategic investor, according to the commitments put at the end of 2013 to; The European Commission is in return for approved state aid, this must take place by mid 2019 If Slovenia had applied to the Commission for delaying, it would have taken a new round of debates on damages, the restrictive measures that could relevant to the bank, he added.

"A completely new option scenario for Abanka is also being studied in the case in question, but we have not yet discussed this with the bank. But it must be interpreted as an extremely frequent example,"says Dragonja. The systemic attitude is important and does not underestimate it in the opinion of the Ministry.

The month suggests solving the SDH administration
For several months, the Levica party has called for the government to opt out to sell NLB and also to give them the best to sell Abanka. "We run to the deaf ear, so we decided to call on the same measures for Members and Finance Committee, "The proposal of the levy was created by its co-ordinator Luka Moon. Members and parliamentary committee discussed the offer only one day after the procedures for selling the 65% share in the NLB were completed.

"We will offer the board that the NLB shares are deducted from the stock exchange, that the government with the European Commission should open negotiations on a sales commitment to NLB, to provide Abanka's sales procedures, openly open negotiations similarly on the sales commitment, and, due to irresponsible and uneconomic sales being dismissed by the SDH Supervisory Board and, as a result, the SDH Management Board which is responsible for the sale, "announced the Moon before the finance committee meeting.

According to him, the price for the NLB share was repeated with the Nova KBM story, which was re-capitalized by the state for a billion euros and sold for 250 million euros. "In the NLB, with capital increases, invested EUR 2.3 billion, today's bank with earnings of 1.5 billion euros worth and will be sold about a third of the amount of capital increase or, half by the value of the book, "he said.

The state also took advantage of legal caseloads or claims for illegal foreign currency deposits from Croatian and Savior salaries and subordinate liabilities, said the Month. These risks are estimated to be around EUR 1 billion. According to him, the state should discuss different commitments with the commission, as the banks are primarily home-based due to the development aspect, it came to the conclusion.

SDH on (without) selling Abanka
President of the Slovenia State Holding Management Board Lidija Glavina At the table about Abanka that the SDH does what he says in the strategy. "The status of the current process is to collect unbiased bids, "he said. With regard to the possible change in the ownership of Abanka, he added:"The only way to change is to change the strategy. SDH will follow this. "

NLB for Levico is a condition for co-operation with government
The issue of ownership and sale of banks is one of the key to Levica, which the Moon commented. Therefore, they have not yet signed a cooperation agreement with the government. "Until there are reasons for signing it, we will not sign it, "clear.

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