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Roundabout in Lesce

In 2013, a sculpture of the accordion and umbrella dedicated to Slavko Avsenik when leaving the motorway in Lesce was discovered. Despite enthusiasm for the monument, people immediately saw workless instruments on musical instruments, the artistic freedom of the author, this time by the architect Klemen Rodman. Photo: BoBo

Boy with whistle

Do you know how many sculptures with a whistle boy are outdoors in Slovenia? Photo: BoBo

Peter Barosh

Head of Sigica, Peter Barosh, said they had decided to make an application on the web because it was an endless story because the monuments were created instantly. Photo: MMC RTV SLO

Sigic's Guide to Essential Routes & Musical Heritage

November 15, 2018 at 16:41
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, STA

Where is the garden, named after the composer Anton Foester, depicted on Slovenia's lane, where to find the Ipavec House Museum and how many sculptures of the shepherd with & The whistle on our land?

The recognition that there is no musical topography in Slovenia, such as other fields, such as literature, has led to the creation of a web guide on Slovenia's material heritage heritage paths, an interactive web application.

Joint Sigica project and Faculty of Philosophy
A music guide on Slovenia's material heritage paths, named Momus (TheMonumentis Musicum Slofenia) from the Slovenian Music and Information Center (Sigic), and the project was prepared in collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy for two years. The idea was to list monuments that are associated with music across the country. Its content will continue to grow over time, it also allows upgrades, such as installing audio recordings when copyright copyright.

The idea for Momous was born in the framework of music studies in the Faculty of Philosophy of Ljubljana. As Matjaž Barbo's conceptual father said, the portal on musical monuments provides a valuable overview of Slovene's musical heritage and "reveals a big stub"- lack of musical museum.

Head of Sigica Peter Barosh said they had decided to create an application on the web because it was an endless story because the monuments were created immediately. He held the organization for two years, and the project's starting point was found in the Cultural Heritage Register. This was followed by fieldwork, as the register does not cover everything.

Memorial boards, birth houses, tombstones …
Work was done on the field to a large extent Tanja Benedik, which, with the help of several individuals and organizations, such as tourist information centers and urban cultural divisions, has crossed the country to search for memorial banners, birth houses, gravestones, and so on. Many things were also opened with help Facebook, they also review "A nice piece of archive material"says Benedikova.

According to her, more than 200 musical genres have been recorded, which are at different conservation levels, some of which are stored in cushions. In this regard, they come across many interesting and wider publications of less well-known things. One thing that's worth pointing out that they also deal with music, for example Primož Trubar in Jakob Aljaž, also included in Momus, remind Baroš.

In addition, the Sigica leader emphasized that Momus urges Slovenia to discover the history of Slovenia musicians, educators, to become familiar with the youth of the school and to enrich the cultural day's content with foreigners, as well as foreigners who want to become familiar with the music in Slovenia. As the portal recognizes the tourism potential, it has also been prepared in English.

Also a list of music collections
He took care of the textual part Maia Juvanc, who wanted to be "Monuments who have musical insight"It's obvious why someone is so important to put a mark on it. Also, the collection of music collections, such as a collection in Ptuj's castle or a private collection in Velenje.

O Avsenikov through Emil Adamich for composers of artistic music – Momus joins Slovenian musicians. An interactive map connects them to parks, buildings, monuments, gravestones and memorial plaques, each category is marked with its own color, having to display with the photo gallery, along with text with the main information about them and their work.

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