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Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth II on the throne: Reuters

Prince Louis is the third child of the Duke and Duke of Cambridge, which is fifth according to the throne. Photo: Reuters

It was great to be his relative with grandchildren

November 10, 2018 at 18:50
London – MMC RTV SLO

Prince William expressed his latest documentary, which was shot on the 70th anniversary of the father, the desire that Prince Charles would have more time to spend with grandchildren.

In a documentary of the name Prince, son and successor: Charles in the seventies (Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70) Prince William explained that he wanted Prince Charles to spend more time at home or with grandchildren – even before he became king and took more responsibility.

"There's something I'm trying to do. It seems to me that he has some free time, but I'd like him to spend more time with grandchildren," he explained. "It would be nice to see several times, and also to play with them several times. When it's here, it's great, but we want her to be even more."

Prince Louis, the third child of the Duke and Duke of Cambridge, he has recently completed six months, and the baby in mourning for part of a video about Prince Charles, had been filmed by the BBC British. For a second in the movie, we see a picture taken by the royal photographer Chris Jackson, apart from a newborn in Prince Charles and Duke of Cambridge. The photo was taken in September at the Clarence Hous gardens, Prince Charles House, London.

His wife explains more about Prince Charles in the role of an old parent in his document Camilla. She said she was great with them. "Klee on the floor, they tie around for hours, fall strange sounds, their grandchildren really love," He explained, adding that she reads Harry Potter on a regular basis and has even changed her voice according to what the character, People say.

Prince Louis is fifth for the throne – for his grandfather, Charles, his father William and his brother George and sister Charlotte. He is the first prince in the history of the British royal family, who is in accordance with his sister's throne.

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