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Deputy SDS Jelka Godec warned that Slovenia has been working with children's cardiac surgery for more than ten years now, but today there is a "complete abolition" in this area. Photo: DZ / Barbara ┼Żejavac

Request for the Health Committee urgent meeting

November 8, 2018 at 13:51
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, STA

The SDS parliamentary group calls for an urgent meeting of the health committee, and will ask the government to provide a definite explanation of the future of the program. Minister of Department announced that he will determine the fate of the National Institute of Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease (NIOSB) in December.

Deputy of the SDS Jelka Godec He noted that Slovenia has been involved in children's cardiac surgery for more than ten years now, but today in this area "full judgment". Foreign experts also fail to participate in the program, as they do not want to work in such circumstances, she warned. The disturbance of chronic cardiac surgery in Slovenia passes "literally into a criminal act", he says among other things.

According to the fact that Ljubljana, the University Clinical Center (UKC) was not able to solve this problem since 2007, when the first surgeon left. There are no more professional staff in the program that could provide the youngest patients safely.

On the other hand, the former Health Minister, Milojka Kolar Celarc, the National Institute for Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease (NIOSB), who does not work, established because she does not meet the basic conditions for work, he said. NIOSB can not operate without equipment and buildings, but in such a situation it can not even talk to prospective colleagues from abroad.

The SDS expects the firm response from the Minister
The Current Minister Fakin only According to the latest information, about the third variation, the unit in the UK Ljubljana, where they would work with Croatian experts. If this happens, however, the SDS requires how long the analyzes and the installation of the unit will last, and who will work there. On Tuesday, SDS deputies required the urgency meeting of the health committee. They want to repeat the unsustainable situation in this area, but they will ask the government to decide immediately what the program's fate will be.

According to Godeceva, they want a concrete answer from the Health Minister if the government will abolish the children's cardiac surgery program or the program will work in Slovenia. Godceva touched a public debate between representatives of UK Ljubljana and NIOSB, and warned that the government is the founder of both, and now leaves two public organizations to argue with each other.

Fakin: It's time to sit down
Only Fakin responded to the application and explained that 86 children were being implemented in the UKC Ljubljana this year, 18 of them abroad, and that only one day, one child was operated by a domestic team only. Fakin is a long-term solution to the problem of childhood cardiac surgery, and is seen, as remembered, developed for 15 years, as domestic experts. "UKC has enough foreign experts, and the home team needs to be trained, which, of course, goes overnight,"he said.

He admitted that there were some complications in the resolution of chronic cardiac surgery, and he published a meeting with Ljubljana UKC leaders and the National Institute for Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease (NIOSB), where they will "tell us how we intend to put this action in the long term ". According to Fakin's words, they were not able to negotiate during the holidays, and he also remembered that the DUC based on Ljubljana had seen significant hazards in the NIOSB proposals. "Now is the time to sit,"he emphasized.

Fakin: No-one uses the oil
It is also very pleasing that unusual meetings of the Health Committee have been held on this subject. As he said, everyone will be able to say what they think of the end. "Influence of fire oil, as it happened today, does not make any sense. Child protection and the long-term nature of this program must be at the forefront and that information continues in Slovenia,"A short-term answer is simple, according to the words of Fakin, the abolition of the child's cardiac surgery and the treatment of patients in an overseas center, but this would be three times more expensive and meant a long-term reduction in the medical profession. clinical center not to do this. "They will make every effort to keep such a center in the long term,"he added.

When asked what kind of answer he personally tended, Fakin replied that it was too complicated if NIOSB acted as an independent organization, because in any case he must work with other departments . He announced that the decision on the organization would be taken during the first week of December. Fakin has not yet read the report of one of the foreign surgeons who came to Slovenia in the NIOSB organization in the summer, where there was considerable shortcomings in the clinical center program. He emphasized that he was not such an expert to be able to evaluate it, but he assured them that they would ensure patient safety properly.

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