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The Film Mountain Festival has been awarded a thin boundary between dedication and obsession


Dawn Wall shows the life gain and experience of friendship between Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson. Photo: IMDb

The American film Dawn Wall won the highest prize of the 13th Mountain Film Festival, where the film makers Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer made a portrayal of outstanding life in the magnificent wall of jury's discretion and honestly shows a thin border between dedication and obsession. Today's prize was presented to me in Cankarjev along with other awards.

A journey to the depth of Hades
Dawn Wall shows life progression and friendship test Tommy Caldwell inside Kevin Jorgeson. "Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer are making a fantastic portrait of life in the great wall. The movie is a sincere demonstration of a thin boundary between dedication and obsession, but are constantly surprised and worried the watchler never misses any interest. Traveling to the Hada depth, from where the escape can only be possible in a strong connection with the clan, " the jury, which included president of the International Music Music Union Javier Barayazarra, a filmmaker and film maker Stipe Božić and photographer and pameraman Marko Magister.

"Living Muscle" Rado Kočevar: "Himalaya" passionate and never climbing in the Himalayas

Apart from the main ruling of the Domžale city, the jury judged among the 32 films in the best competition program in four individual categories.

The beauty and cruelty of the mountains
Germany won the prize for the best alpine film Manaslu in a direction Gerald Salmine, according to the jury assessment "With the help of outstanding photography, narrative and scenery, we learn about the achievements and disasters of Hans Kammerlander, revealing the beauty and cruelty of the mountains". For the best climbing film, the jury selected the single Free American Amateur film Jimmy China inside Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, which has almost never been a sporting achievement in the camera – Alex Honnold Clinging his own famous Freerider and without a rope in June 2017 in El Capitan.

The top top where a lot of litter continues
Canada was awarded the best film for mountains, sport and adventure Living with the mountains the director Grant Baldwin, who is behind the jury "Studying and transporting exceptional people who are inevitably attracted to life and adventure in the mountains". With the prize for the best film about the nature of mountain and culture, he celebrated the French film Green Everest, which is a sign Jean-Michel Jorda, and breaks down the stereotypes in the media about the increasing number of visitors to the Himalayas and the highest peak, where there is a lot of litter.

The prize was awarded for the best alpinista film for German Manasel directed by Gerald Salmine. Photo: IMDb

The jury awarded honors in the mountain, sport and adventure category to the Swiss alpine film Marcel is at the top of the power in a direction Nicolas Falqueta, German climbing film Decisions directors Terese Hoerl, and the British film Delete to the end of the world Alastair Lee. Among the films about the nature of mountain and culture, he praised Slovenia's film Unmarried Rogla Bregar about the movement of the Balkan River and the composer Roku Rosman and the latest rivers that flow free in Europe in the Balkans.

Special award from Slovenia Television
At the ceremony in the Cankarjev, who followed the screening of Manasel film, they won the award for a short mountain film and a special award for Slovenia Television. He had a Spanish first film Viacruxis in a direction Ignacio Lopez Fabregas, "which perfectly presents the stereotypes and alphabetic traditions ". The National Television Jury awarded a German film Jochena Schmolla A. O. – In Coni, which is more complex in the world of highest climbing.

The winning films will be on Saturdays and Sundays in Domžale, Ljubljana and Radovljica.

On Saturday, Cankarjev is holding me a presentation from the book by the legendary bishops Rada Kočevar and lectures by Slovenia sports climber Klemna Bečana and Austrian Alpins Hansjörga Auer.

The Dawn Wall – Trailer

MANASLU – BERG DER SEELEN Trailer | Im Cinema: Österreich / Südtirol ab 14.12. & Deutschland from 03.01.

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