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The British EE will launch the 5G network without Huawei mobile phones

Two Japanese mobile service providers will continue to sell new smartphones from the giant Chinese technology Huawei. It was decided to do this because of the recent ban on business with Chinese Huawei. The British EE will launch the 5G mobile network at the end of the month, but will not offer Huawei mobile phones, rather than its original designs.

British telecommunications company EE, the UK's largest mobile operator, will launch the fifth generation mobile network at the end of the month (5G). However, unlike the original plans, users will not offer Chinese Huawei phones.

EE, which is part of BT's giant telecom group and has about 30 million users, announced that initially it will offer customers the first Huawei smartphone that allows using the 5G network, t Huawei Mate 20X 5G.

EE's first husband Marc AlleraHe explained that the operator had temporarily suspended the installation of Huawei 5G mobile phones on the market because they did not offer assurance of the services required to complete long term subscription contracts."We had to do this," it was clear.

EE, formerly German Deutsche Telekom and French Orange, and in 2016 from BT, will launch the 5G network on 30 May in six cities – London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. By the end of 2019 it should extend to 1,500 places.

Today by the biggest competitor EE, Vodafone, he announced today that they interrupted orders from Huawei mobile phones which allowed 5G technology to be used. "It's a temporary measure, as long as it insists on uncertainty about new Huawei devices," written in a telecommunications giant.

Also from Vodafone are said to interrupt orders from Huawei mobile phones temporarily.PHOTO: AP

In Japan, they will continue to sell new Huawei phones

KDDI and SoftBank, the largest Japanese and third mobile service provider, have announced that they have decided to postpone the sale of new Huawei machines in order to have time to explore the situation and the consequences of the US ban on cooperation with the giant. Chinese.

KDDI is planning to launch Huawei P30 Premium Lite this month, while SoftBank is planning to sell new Huawei devices this Friday. At the moment, in both companies, they decide whether the devices will be able to use tools that are essential for security devices.

To prevent pre-orders for Huawei smartphones, the largest Japanese provider of NTT Docomo mobile services, but the sale itself, announced in June, has not yet canceled.

Huawei, generalPHOTO: Shutterstock

Google announced on Sunday that it will interrupt its collaboration with Huawei. On Monday, he said the bill would only affect potential new smartphone customers, while applications such as Gmail and Maps, as well as services like Google Play and Google Play protected apps that checked apps. I have downloaded and reviewed from time to time the device, on existing devices and those held by sellers in stock, continues to be supported as usual.

However, the US deferred the business ban with the Chinese giant technology for 90 days.

Trump is an executive order to ban business with foreign telecommunications companies posing a risk to US national security, which was signed last week. Companies and countries are not specifically mentioned, but primarily they were taking action against the Chinese giant telecommunications Huawei.

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