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The 72-year-old Cher reclaimed for #video


Singer Cher looks young at age 72. Whether one's beauty treatments, selection foods, good genes or active exercise are credited to such an appearance, has been revealed in the Ellen broadcast that you can follow on the Planed.

Aviation is not a barrier, the singer is experiencing Cher, who is 72 years old and very fit. "I almost practice almost every day and I even make a plan, where I can stand for five minutes," the singer revealed in a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, which can be viewed at the bottom of the article.

The manager, who is aware of his directorate, suggested that she was moving in the next challenge with the former United States' first wife Michaell Obama, which is also an exception to fit. Cher gets the condition even with running, going to nature, playing a zombie at home while playing videos and even working on surfing, she learned during her 60 years. With this, it proved that it was never too late.

The singer is herbal. "I do not like meat, and most of the favorite foods are healthy in any way," he said. In addition to herbal lifestyle, she has other healthy habits. She never suffers alcohol and does not smoke, but at the same time she admits that she was not always the case.

"I'm a bit smoker, I can try some drugs, but they did not fit for me. Now, I only enjoy alcohol, but not more than three to four times a year," The singer explained the importance of energy and well-being for demanding a star, which is regularly performed.


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He also studied in detail which foods that are not fit for body and replaced with healthy ones. "Brown rice, chicken (roast, chicken, beans) and vegetables are often found on my menu. When I need more energy, I do not like pasta or fruit," said his legendary musician.

Certainly some of the features of his / her appearance are good genes as her mother, former actress Georgia Holt, in her 92 years, also looks very young.


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You can see some of the images of the Ellen show in the video below. The whole show, where the legendary singer was traveling, could be seen on Thursday, November 15, at 13:10 on the Planet.

The current season of Ellen speaking show on Blaned TV from Monday to Friday at 13.10.

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