Wednesday , January 20 2021

Taxes for vehicles checked out came into force: ranging from 25 to 140 euros

From 1 April, a special levy will be payable for the vehicle checked. The payment will be mandatory for those vehicle owners who will not re-register or transfer to authorized operators within one year of inspecting the vehicle from the traffic. The purpose of the measure is to reduce the number of vehicles in kind.

The obligation to pay the duty will be paid for the first time after a year of cancellation, and then annually on the date of cancellation. The owners will have to pay the charge for 10 years since leaving the last car.

The fee will range from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of EUR 140 per year
The tax for a vehicle to check is one-in-four of the annual charge for a vehicle of such type. The annual charge is determined by the vehicle engine cubicle, so the charge for the vehicle checked will be at least 25 to a maximum of more than EUR 140 per year, the Ministry of Infrastructure responded.

The vehicle checked fee is paid for canceled passenger cars, the goods vehicles for goods with a weight of not more than 3,5 tonnes and three-wheel mopeds. This duty will not apply to vehicles with classic vehicle status.

When asking how they will check whether the vehicle owners have been unloaded from the market to decommission or possibly sell it abroad, the Ministry explains: t"If the owner surrenders the vehicle for decommissioning in Slovenia, we receive information about the decommissioning of the vehicle decommissioning system, which is managed by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. If the vehicle sells a vehicle to the overseas country, the owner must make the appropriate procedure for copying the ownership of the unregistered vehicle to the registration organization so vehicles are entered in the register. of registered vehicles, managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure. "

Annually, the Slovenians are between 60,000 and 80,000 vehicles
Revenue from the charge for a vehicle to check will be the revenue budget of the Republic of Slovenia as specified funds for the implementation of investments and the maintenance of public transport infrastructure in Slovenia."At the moment, it's hard to give an estimate of how much money we expect from this issue," written.

The tax for a vehicle to check is one-in-four of the annual charge for a vehicle of such type.PHOTO: POP TV

And how many vehicles do we inspect each year? "In the registration framework of registered vehicles by 1 April 2018, the number of vehicles checked in recent years ranged between 60,000 and 80,000 a year,"the Ministry explains. There is no information about how many vehicles have been serviced or left.

What can you do if you have an unregistered vehicle in your neighborhood?

Environmental inspectors are responsible for supervising vehicles that have left and are responsible for protecting the environment, so people have to apply to the site. that inspection, " they respond with the Ministry of Infrastructure.

As in the case of action in all cases of waste disposed of illegally in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Act, inspectors in the case of vehicles left or discharged in the natural environment are also movement order. If the police or inspector finds the producer, it will recover the cost of removing the end of life vehicle from the natural environment.
When asked why the payment has been limited to 10 years and what happens after that, the ministry is simply answering that a decision has to be made to pay; tax for 10 years, and after that date, the charge is no longer paid.

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