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Supporters specifically responded to President NZS and Matjaz Kek


With regard to the heart-warming problems of the Slovenian football team we wrote about, after the match with Macedonia in Stožice, Slovenian selector Matjaž Kek and Slovenian Federation Federation Radenko Mijatović spoke and both hope that fans will return to Slovenia games Slovenian supporters have now been informed. United Slovenian supporters were told what the problem was, and they said they were ready to return.

"Of course, we are missing. Not only for the first time when I was a coach, I also realized on a Rijeka bench what it means when it's raining on the stalls. This is missing and I hope that it will change in the future, as well as players, want the top fans on the stalls, "after the first Slovenian domestic match and qualifications for the European championship and a 1-1 draw against Macedonia, the selector Matjaz Kek and admitted that he had also lost higher support.

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Matjaz Kek loses the most ambitious fans and has not yet crossed for Kevin Kampla.



Nearly ten thousand people gathered in Stožice, but because of misunderstandings and disagreements with the Slovenian Football Association at the national football matches for nearly three years, spiraling was not high, which is why it is not surprising. that Macedonian supporters had arranged, which came to Ljubljana, beaten several times by Slovenia.

Would you like to see organized Slovenian supporters in the games between the Slovenian football team?

Both selectors Matjaž Kek and president of NZS, Radenko Mijatović, say they want higher cheerleaders.

Both selectors Matjaž Kek and president of NZS, Radenko Mijatović, say they want higher cheerleaders.
Photo: Žiga Zupan / Sportida

Radenko Mijatovic: There are problems with club competitions

Monday night, the first man of the NHS, who was a guest to the Goool! on Planet TV. "What is Matjaž is true, and we're talking about this in football, and we haven't organized an organized way of getting fans to the games for some time. We are trying to establish some stimulating ticket prices in order to re-run." – a group of supporters from Slovenia United who were really the 12th player in the national team on many wandering and home games, but I can hardly say how successful we will be in this, because there are problems in the group of united supporters because of the club's competition and opposition, with the starters and the journalists, the re-establishment of this cheerleading group has begun, and we will be very proud of it. national team, "he said. Radenko Mijatović and he suggested that the Slovenian supporters are not also in Slovenian games because of the inability to co-operate among affluent groups of different groups.

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President NZS Keka praised the issue of fans of #video



Slovenian supporters: More needs to be done

On the answer to the appearance on Planet TV and the article published on our website today, the first man of Slovenian football, with him also the Kek selector, and the rest did not stay long . Press releases published on their Facebook profile were reported by Slovenian Supporters. The naval team, formed in 2008 during the greatest success of the Kek national team at the time, and the end of 2015 joined the Slovenian squad on representative games, and then announced the boycott that continues to this day.

The Slovene Supporters in 2010 held a major event in the South African World Championships.

Slovenian Workers' busy event took place in 2010 in the South Africa World Championships.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

"Returning Matjaž Kek to the Slovenian bench does not mean that everything will be the same again as in the golden days. It dreamed of Katanza. For organized help, we have to do much more than just say you Marketing moves, such as cheaper tickets, are just a call to the sea for orderly winding, we know very well how much effort and willingness someone has to do to work t They need talks, discussing with groups, the NHS, the police, selling and distributing tickets, preparing the sector and its security arrangements… For roaming arrangements, organizing, dealing with security authorities there … For all this, you need to have contacts and insights to the cheerleading scene and as much as you understand football.If shares fines on club games because of pyrotechnics, while That 's expecting huge support of the heart – lifts, is an illusion, but we had all this already me recalculation games. Club competitions always existed and will always exist in the national team and machines, but we managed to solve them very successfully during the collaboration with Rudy Zavrl. , Ivan Simic and Aleksandar Ceferin, so that there is no justification for this topic.

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Although Matjaz Kek hasn't changed almost anything, the heart is still getting her hard t



The NHS and everyone who is supposed to be supported is important, should go to the grip of these issues very soon, not now, when hope comes to the r t obvious. Loyalty to a national club or team is not created overnight, this Viola and the rest are all well aware. In Europe we have a number of good supporters associations at the representative level, which should be taken as an example. A good example for this is Northern Ireland, where the local football federation had to face a much bigger problem than the club competition, but they succeeded because they really wanted it. Like us in Maribor, where club managers have seen the meaning of the club's loyalty, but such an organization must have 100% support for the football association or the club. . Anyway, it's never too late to go like this, but the issue needs to be put in the long term and it's much more serious than it is now with marketing moves and crying that we need support. If we lose the game against Austria, no one will deal with the subject of support to raise sailors in the next games, and unfortunately, this is the biggest problem t we have, "Slovenia Supporters wrote in a long statement to the public, explaining what a problem is, but at the same time they suggested that they were willing to co-operate.

A great celebration in the People's Garden in the 2010 World Cup.

A great celebration in the People's Garden in the 2010 World Cup.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

Who is the main offender that Slovenian supporters no longer organized in the rest of the Slovenian football team?

  • NZS

  • supporters

  • poor results

Back wind needed footballers in 1999, 2001 and 2009

Now that the theme, which was during the last phase of all these and other analyzes and that the Slovenian national team speaks a little strangely, has raised a little dust, they are responsible on both sides to solve the misunderstanding and make sure they will Bojan Jokić, Jan Oblak, Josip Iličić yet the rest of the wind was much needed at the rear for large enterprises.

Let's remember. Thus, in 1999, 2001 as well as in 2009, when Slovenia competed in major competitions, these enterprises came with the support of organized Slovenian supporters at Bežigrad and Ljudski stadium.

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