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Slovenec Argentina from now on for a national team


Slovenian tennis teams will jump open on the higher competitions in 2019.

Women under the direction

Andreja Kraševca

They have all the assumptions for the Fed's World Cup, men with them

Aljaz Bedenet

and a new consolidation for the doubling, while Argentina with a Slovenian passport also wanted to move on to the 1st Euro-Africa group.

Slovenia will be given the next season when the Davis Cup comes to a new era, a new member. Captain

Miha Mlakar

He was invited to the team by a 25-year-old artist

Tomasa Lipovska Puchesa,

Specialist for the pair's game. Player already in the minds of the old captain

Blaža Trupej,

has signed an agreement with the Slovenia Tennis Association, when playing for Slovenia for the first time, and will be known after the withdrawal taking place in February 2019. Lipovšek occupies 222 places on the ATP sites between the two.

The Davis Cup will be held in 2019 under the new system. The best teams will feel the biggest change, and the novels are also at lower levels. Slovenia will only appear once again, and will depend on whether the removal will be allocated to the home game or at the guests. According to the new rules, the hosting games decide whether the game will be in April or September. If Slovenia is the accommodation, she will play in April.

novak đoković



Novak Djokovic called for the tennis rebel

"The doubles game was the biggest problem ever. We never had excellent experts for this part of the Davis Cup, which could even be even more important. I expect Tomas Lipovsek You can help nor to double, but above all, Aljaz Bedenet will relieve, who this year we have to play both and the individuals, "

says Miha Mlakar.

Aljaz Bedene, who has a new coach,

Gorazda Gavrilova,

with whom he had already worked a few years ago, he is happy to have a new team, but he is particularly pleased that the team that has rarely provided a stay in the second Euro-African group This year has remained in the same frame.

"This year we had a goal to qualify for the higher degree in the competition, but the Poles were surprised at the beginning, so we have to save the rest. We have no doubt the team for the group First African Euro, and many will depend on the pull "

says Bedene at the last event of the Slovenia Tennis Association.

At the press conference in Ljubljana, apart from the Davis Cup team, Slovenian team also presented the Food Cup. Given that Slovenia currently has three individuals among the top 100 in the world and three players are doubling between the top ten halves in the world, the ambitions for joining the world- wide is quite real.

Ladies – it is hoped that Captain Kraševec will be in the team

Dalila Jakupovic, Tamara Zidansek, Kaja Juvan


Andreja Klepac

– will take place in February near London, and they will have to skip at least two teams in the group and then competitors in the semifinals to move on to the qualifications for the world group. Only two out of eight teams will move on.

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"The girls have one of the most successful seasons in recent years, so we're really hoping for a good result. We do not want to talk about the global group high, but it is clear if all the players were collected and being healthy, we can make a step that we all want, "

"said Kraševec.

After a year of absence, participation in the national team was also confirmed by Slovenian's top-sized woman, Dalila Jakupovič, who occupies 80th among the individuals and 49 among the couples.

"In a competition such as the Food Cup, this is the most important atmosphere in the team. If that's fine, the results are coming alone. I'm always eager I play for the national team and if I'm healthy, I'll definitely be in February "

said Jakupovic.

Anda Juvan, who turned 18 years ago, is a similar opinion.

"Now, I'll certainly listen to youth competition, and 2019 will be something special. The expectations are high, although I am aware that I'm going to take new routes. play top tennis, I want to finish the secondary school, "

says Juvan.

At Slovenia Tennis Association, a change will take place in December in the presidential city.

Marko Umberger,

who was at the age of twelve years, was an honorary president, while only one candidate, president of Zavarovalnica Triglav, a 46-year-old management board

Andrej Slapar.

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