Friday , August 19 2022

Shabeder had a green light on his mother board


Ljubljana – The Parliamentary Health Committee is to present the candidate for the Health Minister Aleša Šabedra with 12 votes in favor and two against. Members of parliament will decide on his appointment to the health sector tomorrow in the parliamentary session. In his presentation, Shabeder announced, among other things, the immediate resolution of a GP problem.

"I'm willing to cooperate with all parties and listen to them whenever they have problems," ministerial candidate Aleš Šabeder announced in the morning on a hearing to continue to lead the health ministry, which began yesterday.

Member of SDS Jelko Godec I was interested in how to realize the claim that health is not left or right, as there were very few consultations during the last term of the job with the opposition.

Who's going to choose over his right hand isn't clear yet. The Secretaries of State are speaking. He stressed that they will not be named after a political line, but professional, because the profession must take the healthcare solution. "It's not a flea market, it's meant honest," he said, adding that we don't feel any political pressure in it. She has a practical free recruitment, but she recognizes that it is very difficult to find people who would bite to this apple.

Portrait of the Week: Aleš Šabeder

Members were also interested in looking at payments in healthcare, prescribing too many antibiotics, inadequate washing of staff time, arranging family medication, increasing referrals to specialists.

"Money is a hygienist and a trigger in a very short time. I think that rewarding individuals and groups who deviate from the average is certainly worth it. Whenever the wages were increasing, t in two years' time again the problem was that they were too small, the problem is the implementation of balancing In the public sector, everyone is paid the same – the frustration of employees above the average is that they have the same wage as The ones that are average, so their motivation falls, "wrote the most likely successor t Sam Fakina.

I would solve this myself with the changing legislative basis, by renewing the law on organizations, according to it, one of the oldest laws in the country, which certainly does not reflect t the state of health of public health organizations.

Apart from paying, an important aspect in regulating this issue is the stimulating environment, the possibility of additional education and training, and the purchase of equipment. Shabeder, currently the general director of the University Clinical Center. in Ljubljana, also present.

According to Shabedar's words, health problems have accumulated because of a rigid and bureaucratic system that finds it difficult to accept changes, it doesn't take into account demographics, and doesn't direct money to areas that are needed t in a hurry. In particular, the gap between waiting times needs to be reduced and money not used for shortening; in addition, part of the administrative burdens imposed on health workers must be transferred to the health insurance organization.

Another problem is under-use of expensive medical equipment and operating rooms. The applicant acknowledged that UKC activity was concentrated in the morning, when occupancy is 80-85%, while in the afternoon it is only about 20%. "I can't catch people in the afternoon, because I have no chance to pay," he said.

At the same time, he stressed that equipment should be used more logically, and suppliers should negotiate a reduction in its prices.

Since members of the Health Committee were questioned, the session was broken and continued in the afternoon, following the close of poll at the March session of the National Assembly.

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