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Sex reconciliation: why it is so tempting and hot (and when it hurts the connection) t

Where is his secret?

In short, we can say that miracles in bed are upset by miracles, as seen in couples' statements on therapies. "Many times men and women in my office say they have lit litigation literally," says therapist t Marissa Nelson and added that the close act is undoubtedly a better option than cooking and punishment by denying the sexual joy of one or the other partner.

"A lot of sex means form apologies. Non-verbal reconciliation. And with that, really strengthen the relationship, because oxitocin, convergence hormone and close association are released during the close act in the bodies of lovers. There are positive emotions yet overcoming the negative and the apple of the conflict no longer burns anymore, "one of the reasons for reconciling a therapist's gender, and referring to another meaning: t

"In 2008, Israeli experts came to the conclusion that gender reconciliation was a kind of assurance that after the conflict, the partners would not jump to embrace someone else, which is certainly a less romantic fact, but I I think it makes sense of this view.

Sex the reconciliation as a journey of the usual routine

It has one more positive side. A reconciliation sex can be a way of routine in a relationship.
Sexual conflict after conflict is one where partners are most prepared for novelty and more bad smile. That's why we break the order, which can never be bad.

In the background, however, there is only a biological explanation that the psychologist and the sexual therapist Meghan Fleming:

During the conflict, the same physical functions are triggered as during excitement: the breathing is faster, the heart is faster, the flow is faster. blood is faster, so it is logical that sex after the dispute is so attractive and passionate and leads to more obvious and stronger t orgasms"The therapist agrees with her. T Douglas Brooks:

"Most orgasms are not conditioned solely by physical stimulation, but also by an emotional state. There is no doubt that emotions between the conflict are high and therefore lead to sexual intercourse." so satisfactory. "

It can also be bad

Some sort of reconciliation is something quite natural, often, but only positive, to the extent that problems do not overlap with it.

The pattern becomes harmful when things are not coupled and sexual intercourse is pushing the problem to the background. perhaps return to the scheme. " since he led toxic connection and treating relationships. The key is to resolve the embarrassment that came with the dispute first. Before, during or after sex. "

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