Friday , December 4 2020

Sad news before the Hollywood Oscars

The director of the musician "The Rain in the Rain" died and many other Hollywood gold age classicsto Stanley Donen, reported by the American media. He was 94 years old.

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Music The term in the 1952 rain, where he played and played the main role Gene Kelly, It became one of the most popular pieces of Hollywood and musical music, which totaled this genre.

Donen was also a dancer and choreographer. He danced on Broadway, where he also met with Kelly, and he worked as a choreographer in Hollywood.

Kelly also referred to her first film, also musical, Around the City (On the Town, 1949). He also referred to a number of famous films, such as The Seven Bride for the Seven Brothers (1954) to Funny Face (Funny Face, 1957), where they played most Fred Astaire inside Audrey Hepburn.

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After breaking the contract with the MGM film in the 1950s, Donen began to record romantic comedies, especially the Sharada movie (1963) where they played Audrey Hepburn inside Cary Grant. He also made three films with Grant.

Finally, in his cinema in 1984, his film For All blames on Rio with Michael Cain, who was not successful.

He was born in Columbia, South Carolina, on April 13, 1924. In 1997, he received an honorary Oscar.

In tvit, who announced today that his son had confirmed his father's death, Michael Phillips, Chicago Phillips Chicago film critic, said Donan "was a huge talent, but often ignored talent".

He married five times, and he also knew that he had a relative of love with her Elizabeth Taylor. He was married to an actress and director in recent years Elaine Mai, who was involved in theater projects, reported by the American media.

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