Tuesday , August 9 2022

Restart the sale of Portorož hotel: What went out of place was sabotage


According to the government, the DUTB did not follow a tourism strategy when selling the Portorož hotel. The company wanted to sell it too quickly and too soon to the innocent owner, said Minister for the Economy, Zdravko Počivalšek. "What went out of place was a sabotage," he added.

The government gives the best to sell a hotel immediately.Photograph: Shutterstock

The words are the light words of the Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek he said in a conversation about todayMladino, when he explained the government's decision to seize the shares of Istrabenz Turizem, who secured its claims against Istrabenz Holding Company, to prevent the sale of this company, which owns six hotels on the Coast. The sales procedure ended just before the closing date for binding bidding, and also mentioned for the business business of Serbia among those interestedMiodrag Kostic.

"I will not talk about names, but in the government we have estimated that there is a secret agreement on the sale of these hotels, so we responded. It was estimated that our state property manager did not follow the national tourism strategy. The hotel was too soon and expensive to sell to the wrong owner to damage the property of the state. If I say in my own words: What went on was sabotage,"said Počivalšek.

It was asked if DUTB's control of control changed the days to the president of Slovenia National Holding (SDH) Lidija Glavina, he replied that he was pleased that "the situation of the personnel in DUTB and SDH is developing in a positive direction". "We have come far and I believe we will reach the most responsible responsible responsibility of the state property. I think that the process will continue and finish soon,"he added.

It's possible that Mercator will be bought back in Slovenia, but at present our intention is not & # 39;

Zdravko Počivalšek fulfills the work of the Economy Minister for the second consecutive time.Photograph: Damian Zibert

Also, the minister, after the sale of NLB Abanka, assessed that he should be the property of the state, "because we also know how to manage banks at least as well as a fund". He believed that the European Commission should agree to change the state's commitment at the time of resettlement and bank.

Mercator says that the company is of strategic importance, and that is why we have the right to intervene in its operations and to restructure.

"Mercator may be bought back in Slovenia, but at present it is not our intention,"he says, adding that he wants to" get a healthy owner to reduce debt, a problem with logistics, and, above all, to find a business model that will enable him to survive. "

Recovery is essential to the movement by Sava, who will sell Terme Lendava to a fund that belongs to the Hungarian state, Comitatus. The minister claims that the second offer, which is supposed to be a total of six million euros, while Comitatus offers nine million euros. "What happened to Terme Lendava – the possibility that this business will not end, they are theoretical – is unacceptable. And of course, you will now say that the seller, Sava Turizem, is a majority of the property for state companies and paraatatal alliance. Yes, yes. We have also adopted the tourism strategy, however, we still have things like that. This means that we, in government or those responsible for implementing the tourism strategy, are just a caravan. I'm sorry, but in such cases someone else is being governed,"Počivalšek assessed.

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