Tuesday , January 19 2021

Request for competition in Slovenia information

Ljubljana, January 23 – In order to present statistical data in Slovenia, the Republic of Slovenia Statistical Office (SURS) has prepared a fun game for mobile devices, where players compete in information about content of Slovenian history, geography , culture and literature. The purpose of the application is to spread the visibility of SURS.

The Slovakian Heroes educational mobile game, which is taking place in Sofia fanciful, is available for devices that run the iOS and Android operating system.

The game takes place in the future, where dr. Edvard Valvazor explores the history of Slovenia, who has divided 12 statistical regions. Users who come to the same region will then move with them in Slovenia with players that have been distributed in other regions. In addition, they collect raw materials and invest in the development of a common place in the simulation. Each game lasts for seven days, and the prize is won by the city. most developed region during this period (from the pre-historic period to the future).

This is a fun quiz, where the helper's request user chooses one of the nine Slovenian heroes, such as Martin Krpan, Kekec, Lepa Vida, King Matjaž or Zeleni Jurij, and then challenge another player you have to answer six questions. The winner receives raw materials that allow the development of the city or city. regions.

The game is based on content from the Slovenian, geography, culture and literature of Slovenia, as well as on statistical data from the Eurostat European Statistics Office data collection for urban settlements – higher level. Currently, there are more than 2000 questions that only contain information about Slovenia or in connection with it, SORS reports.

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