Saturday , October 1 2022

Relatives of the Radanov's patients were notified


LJUBLJANA – As known, Ljubljana District Court of the former doctor at the neurological clinic Ivana Radana over the allegations that he had killed four patients with euthanasia. The prosecution issued a decision on the decision, as the court in the reasoning allegedly reduces the importance of witness statements.

They call for high damage

The procedure against the old doctor in the neurological clinic is still not final, and Radan will have to defend himself in court before the legal proceedings of the deceased's relatives. In the criminal case, property claims were notified. One dead patient's death needs another 10,000, 7,000 and the third one 100,000 euros.

Compensation in the amount of 17,353 euros is also required by the Slovenia Health Insurance Foundation (ZZZS), that Radan should be harmed by writing green recipes for themselves and their friends and friends.

District Court Judge Martin Jančar decided in the opinion to refer the injured party to the path of justice, so that they can request compensation from Radan in the civil court.

He lost his post in the Labor Court

The old doctor, who returned the medical license, claimed compensation for 52,000 euros and 10 gross wages from the UKC, where he was employed, because he had fired illegally but had lost his job in the senior labor court.

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