Sunday , August 14 2022

Preac: Jelincic claimed a thousand euros a month for himself


"After a possible election of European parliamentary pay, Mr Jelincic called for 500 euros for a party, 1000 for himself," Gregor Preac, which is supposed to be an NHS list holder for European elections, claims, but resigned from his candidacy.

"When Jelincic and the GAA voted in favor of rebalancing the budget, I asked myself what he offered to Sharec Jelincic, what kind of promises, deal or financial injection," he said.

Jelinčič told Siol that it was true that he asked for 500 euros for the client, as all parties were regulated accordingly. But when he talked about thousands of euros over his own, just a joke, he said. "I was kissing and telling him, 'You'll pay me a price, and I'll give you an emergency.' Obviously, Mr Preac doesn't understand the hacker, like any what else, not " Jelincic, who believed that a Preac statement was an expression of embarrassment, said after he told him why he would run on the list himself.

"Mr Jelincic will plead with you as an excuse for prose and say he is a joke that he has misunderstood him. I speak Slovenia, our author, a journalist, an author of eight books, I'm play with words, I don't get shaken, I understand the subordinates, warnings, warnings and all the meanings, Preac predicted.

That money went to me? I learned children for free!

"Mr Jelincic may argue that the European money has come in for me, but you probably know about Mr Jelincic's past, but I myself teach children abroad to people abroad t in Slovenia I had lots of free photo exhibitions and travel tours " t Preac added.

"Everything has its meaningful purpose. Hopefully my political experience will encourage journalists and offenders to research clients, their money, bribery, buy voices, which circulate in DC, SDS, SLS, DeSUS, NSi (by these customers MEPs) European funds In the case of a parliamentary deputy over 2 million euros or for an office of about EUR 1.2 million, " Preac warns.

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