Wednesday , May 25 2022

Playing behind, the joke has stopped: the champions fell


New KBM Branik defender champions are currently beating Swietelsky Bekescsaba champions with 3: 2 (-22, -18, 24, 16, 17) in the first round of the first European League of Europe after a great turn.

In the second round of the Mid-European League, Slovenian champions, volleyball volcanoes New KBM Branik, he moved to Bekescsaba in Hungary with the current champions of Swietelsky Bekescsaba RSE. The bankers team returned after the injury Iza Mlakar, while Samo Miklavc would not count on the game S organizeraro Najdič.

There were about 500 viewers better than Hungary in the first two sets, which won the first in the first, on the 21st they remained equally and in the other, more reliable. It seemed that they would win the game with 3: 0, because they also led the third set with 10: 4, and then there was a turning point.

Trainer Anita Sobočan was replaced by Lorena Lorber for 15 years, at 14:13, his protests were already completely behind the heels. They led the lead with 20:18, but Hungary won a few consecutive points and it was led from 24:22. Styrian was keeping calm, after equalizing, with Karmen Kočar leading, while Ele Pintar closed to 1: 2.

Swietelsky Bekescsaba: Ivanovic, Szpin, Perovic 21, Fabian 4, Medic 16, Glemboczki 14, Talas, Pekarik 2, Mlinar 14, Bodnar 8, Szedmak 1, Sebestyen, Molcsanyi, Bodovics

New KBM Branik: Mlakar 23, Kaučič 5, Dobaj, Bračko 6, Bezsonova 19, Najdič, Kočar 8, Sobočan 1, Jerala, Pintar 11, Blagne 1, Fijok-Lorber 10.

The fourth set started with the taste of the domestic team, which took 7: 4 after finishing Lucija Mlinar's attack. But with good services, Maribor scales were moved to their side and equalized so that they decided on the fifth set. This was equal, Nova KBM Branik wasted two final balls at the end of 12:14, but after a dramatic series, he also won the game.

"The first two sets we prosecute, because we were in an emergency and we needed some time to catch the rhythm. After the second set, we raised the level of the game, finally reducing the number of mistakes and celebrations. I'm glad I can play again after the injury has helped the team a significant victory. This victory is a very birthday anniversary, "said Mlakarjeva, with 23 points as a player most effective the game.

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