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On the streets of Windsor hundreds of fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the royal child


Windsor Castle in the UK is ready for the arrival of the royal child. Streets, shops and exhibitions are full of posters and photographs by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and the most loyal supporter of the royal family has been dressed in British flag colors for almost a camp & # 39 ; on the floor of the royal mansion.

Hundreds of British royal family fans eagerly await the first child of Duke and Duke of Sussex (prince) t Harry inside Meghan Markle) on the streets of Windsor Britain, where they await the news of the birth of a new prince or princess.

The royal family, who are constantly calm and obey Meghan and Harry's decision – to see their grandparents in the privacy of their home and do not share the gender details with The public until the child was born, had recently been through a spokesperson with a brief statement from the public, distancing themselves from any further information.

Meacha Markle of Vojvodina will be Mom every secondPHOTOS: Profiles

According to foreign media reports, Meghan is expected to have the date of birth at the end of April, but because it has already exceeded the forecast date for a few days, it is likely to have she was born in Frimley Park under the supervision of medical staff and not at home because she wanted it. The astrologer soon spoke about her child in the future based on the date of birth Penny Thornton, which met the princess in 1986 Diano and at his request he made a personal astrological card.

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Thornt said about the prince or the upcoming princess:This child will be imaginative and unconventional … He will be my own husband. I think it will take some of the property from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who also wants to prepare a slightly different path to themselves.. "About the Duke and Duke of Susjedek's first-born child life course, we can still follow, but the fact is that it is never likely to be a cumulative successor: it is rarely the seventh in the line for the throne." , to another Prince Charles, Prince William, the prince's three children William and then the prince Harry. If Prince William is the DukeKate Middleton he decided to have another child, the queue will; is extended by another member.

Despite the fact that there is little information about the arrival of the child, it has not been stopped by the speculators who have already betrayed that the child will be a named red-haired girl.Diana. Nor did it prevent the royal family's most faithful fan, the 64-year-old John Loughreyhe would not camp on the ground floor of Windsor Castle for a few days before the royal child arrived and made two flags: to greet a future love or girlfriend.

John Loughrey, awaiting news about the birth of Meghan and Harry's children, has been camping on Windsor land for several daysPHOTOS: Profiles

There was little space for wonders about the surprises: fans are on their feet, cameras are ready, the media are monitored with each publication of the royal family, and there are The streets are packed with posters with congratulations and photographs of the royal couple. There is no shortage of children's clothes made with accessories of royal motifs. Those already waiting eagerly on the streets have been scrambling from all over the world: a Japanese journalist has arrived from Japan two weeks ago. Maki Shibati, which in Japan writes a book about Meghan Markle and hopes that he will be able to have a unique interview with a new mother after the birth of the royal child.

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