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Olimpija won the winning streak against Lustenau


Sašo Rajsar won the first and fifth goals of Olimpija's goal. Photo:

Good Jure Vnuk He managed to win two goals, but the guests returned to the game at the beginning of the second tier, and in the last four minutes, the crowd still shaken the nets and the opponent three times. Lustenau is the last team to beat Olympique after regular work. On the 17th of November there were 3: 0, since Ljubljana hockey players suffered only one violence. The next game, Olimpija, is waiting for a Saturday, when they visit Vipiten, led by Slovenian coach Ivo Jan.

The giants, who scored five goals in the fifth consecutive time, started the game perfectly. The guest network was spoken in the second minute when it was Žiga Svete interfere with Lusten attack. Žan Jezovšek dropped the tiles to the assault, while the new guests swapped and then left Saša Rajsarju, which triggered strongly 1: 0. Three minutes later, the advantage was increased at home with an extremely strong chic of the right Mark Chapon. The record was resumed by the Saint.

Ironmen to an important point in Asiago

Three back in the last four minutes
43 seconds before the end of the third third, Martin Grabher brought the tiles to Meier Luki Zorku and with Ljubljana's stable defense, he went off towards the door, then he stood between his legs Jean Usage. The visitors finished in the fifth minute of the sequence, when he put the net for a few in front of the Olimpija door, then David Kreuter came away from the distance, and the game was redirected to & # 39; r net by Maximilian Wilfan.

Four minutes before the end, just before the end of the Jürgen Tschernutter penalty, Jezovšek drove the dragons to lead the third "powerplay" of Olimpija. I was confirmed Nik Simsic and Rajsar at the last minute of the meeting. Simsic gave a blank gray, but Rajsar reached the second goal in the game, after the retirement of Mathieu Corbeil, who collected 37 defenses, and he moved after the Zorka shoot.

Naughch: If we were losing, we would have landed before the end
Vnuk's coach, of course, was not the most satisfied, because he lost his favorites led by 2: 0. "Lustenau is a very disciplined team. I believe we are a better team, but we played very remote, and after our mistakes, we did both goals. On the blue line, a third of a plate should be placed. I'm proud with the victory. If he had lost, there would be no room, because our defeat would have founded us. Sets of this kind can make you even more ready for the end, "the dragon trainer was interesting.

After hitting, they respond badly
"In the remaining three runs I expect we will correct the mistakes in the game. I wanted to see Olympios in the playoffs in today's game. We only succeeded in the opening ten minutes. Often it happened that we can not keep the leadership. When running with 2: 0, we're moving too fast. After hitting, we respond badly. This will have to be deleted, "added Vnuk, who is not too happy with the game with the player's advantage more. The Dragons had started the last three minutes and 45 seconds ahead of the player but did not hit.

The rhythm of the games in the playoffs will be very difficult
Two rounds have fallen due to snow in Austria and the regular part of the Alpine League will be extended for another week. This means that the end starts on March 18 and the games will follow every two days.

"Hockey players are used to play a very crowded schedule. There are very few holidays between the games in the world championships, which are completely different from football. During the whole season, we were preparing for the playoffs, which will be played every two days. I will also use the fourth assault, we have a very big nuisance, "said Vnuk.

The grandson is disappointed with the system competing in the PI
The quarter rounds of the national championship also start Monday. Olimpija is free, as she has won every possible point, and has at least two semi-final matches at the beginning of March. The final will be played after the Alpine League ends.

"The national championship goes out of place. We have at least two finalists. It stunnes me that the timetable has not given it different. I'm disappointed with the competing system. Other teams should play each other and then join the Jesenice and us. We had a canceled game, Jesenice – Maribor, our Torque combination with Slavia was also skeptical for some time. For us there is a burden, and the other teams then give us the best games. The Hoyean union will have to do something, "Vnuk came to an end.

Round 41:
5: 2 (2: 1, 0: 1, 3: 0)
950; Rajsar 2., 60., M. Čepon 5., Jezovšek 56., Simšič 60 .; Grabher Meier 20, Wilfan 25.


After playing on Thursday:
3: 2 (0: 0, 1: 1, 1: 1) – by punishing shooting
740; Bina 22., Naclerio 43 .; Gagnon 28, Brws 46.




PUSTERTAL 37 30 4 1 2 99
SZ OLYMPIA 37 28 2 1 6 89
RITTEN SPORTS 35 25 1 0 9 77
SALZBURG IFANC 35 21 4 4 6 75
LUSTENAU 37 22 2 2 11 72
ASIAGO 35 18 7 3 7 71
FELDKIRCH 36 20 1 5 10 67
VIPITEN 36 14 6 6 10 60
SIJ ACRONI JESENICE 35 17 1 3 14 56
CORTINA 36 13 4 4 15 51
GARDENA 37 14 1 2 20 46
KITZBUHEL 35 10 3 2 20 38
ZELL AM MAKING 37 8 3 4 22 34
BREGENZERWALD 36 8 1 3 24 29
KAC MLADI 36 7 1 0 28 23
MILAN 35 5 0 2 28 17
FASSA 35 2 2 1 30 11

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