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Olimpija kicks poker and goes to Maribor, an explosion of #video yellow nodes

In the final phase of the 20th first round of Telekom Slovenije's First League, Olimpija managed to eradicate Krško from 4: 1 and to tackle Maribor in seven points. Triglav was superior to Aluminum (3: 0), who scored Domžale in the game, hits, Velenjčane (6: 2), has been shamed by Celje Gicio Gorica (4: 3) in a tough, respectful autumn game Maribor is in the dinfa before sharing more than 10,000 viewers with Muro with 1: 1.

During the last game of the first round of the first League of the First League, Krško defender Telekom Slovenije, champion Champion Olimpija beat the 4-1 major champion. The first half ended without a winner. The Dragons were fast to hit after the hit Goran Brkic of the white fan in which the adjudicator is Андрей Жнидаршич in Krcanians disagreement, but in the next attack, the result was equal to Dalmatinec Ante Vukušić.

Taro Goran Brkić of white fan:

In the second part, Ljubljana residents filled the Posavci network. First Mark Zalokar With a strong shot of distance knocking the Brkic double shot, then put the shooter Jucie Lupeta, although the slow shot stating that the Portuguese could reach the goal after breaking over the Krško goalkeeper, but during the game, the last result was Asmir Suljić.

Should the referee cancel the Jucie Lupete (Olimpija) game at 3:01 in Krško?

  • No, Lupet got the ball in the right way, Krško's goalkeeper was prejudiced by anxiety.

  • Yes, Lupeta has committed a crime over the Krško keeper.

Olimpija Trainer Robert Pevnik so the year 2019 came with a victory that reduced Maribor's advantage to seven points, which is Krško's newly defeated Milan Đuričić However, a difficult job is expected, as competitors in the fight for survival after the 20th round escape at school.

After a huge victory, Triglav jumped in front of Rudar

Today's events started at the first league at lunchtime. Triglav beat Aluminum 3: 0 in Kranj and climb to the eighth place. The Kidričani network, which lost the top three players in the winter transfer deadline, shaken the first Kranj club Aleš Mertelj, and then have been twice successful Luke Majcen. First of all, from a white point shown by the referee despite the absence of guests, the offense was committed outside the penalty area and then with a master in the last half of the first half.

Luke Majcna's first hit by the 11 "controversial" meters:

Did the referee make a mistake when Triglav scored a penalty kick in the 42 minutes?

  • No, he did the right choice.

  • Yes, the offense was not committed in the penalty area.

Tennis wins Domzale for the second half

At the unusual meeting, Domžale players had filled the net with Velenje players and looked forward to a convincing victory (6: 2), and climbing to the third place at school. In the second half, seven successes fell, and the guests had a tie of 30 minutes before the end of the pocket (2: 2), followed by a crazy yellow record.

Second goal by Slobodan Vuk:

He gave Domžale assault at the door of the birth fields, a young player at Rudar's door Tomaž Stopajnik but he had to play six times in the net. He scored twice Slobodan Vuk, while the guests contributed both goals Žiga Škoflek. They have gone to the shooters list again Matej Podlogar, Shamar Nicholson, Gaber Dobrovoljc inside Dejan Lazarević.

Zlatko Zahovic Miran Pavlin


Zahovic surprised and locked Gate of the People's Garden

Nejc Kajtazovic


The decision of the critics in Maribor, which stimulates the ghosts




A spectacle at the People's Garden and controversial judicial decisions

If this season is not an adverse Maribor adverse competition, it has also been shown in this time full of Ljudski vrt. Having played in the first game at the 0: 0 stadium and 4: 1 in Fazaneria, she also took the point this time. It could be even more if Maribor did not reach the controversial goal for equalization. However, they are the ones chosen Darka Milaniča (Luka Zahović and Jan Mlakar were missing because of the penalty), which was more entrepreneurial as a whole, was trying more, finished a series of five consecutive wins.

Maribor controversial game for equalization:

Did Maribor match a banned situation?

  • Yes.

  • No.

Seven hits hit Celje

Rudi Požeg Vancaš is now the first league shooter with 11 goals.

Rudi Požeg Vancaš is now the first league shooter with 11 goals.
Photo: Urban Urban / Sportida

Celjani won an exciting spring series in the first competition. Favorites Dusan Kosic, who had difficulties in reaching their goals (22), in the autumn, only three clubs scored as many or more goals, this time were the players of the New Year without the help of punishing Elvir Ibisevic scored four and reached the third win in the last four games. Two of them arrived again Rudi Požeg Vancaš and thus jump to the top of the shooters' list at the Telekom Slovenije First League.

On the other hand, a series of defeat of Gorizia – this leads Nermin Bašić, which changed the legend of the club Mirana Srebrnica – it has been extended to six consecutive cuts. The rooster opened the game in Celje, and after four minutes they were already leading 2: 0, then the domestic footballers stepped forward to the van and the place sure, he won. Let's also mention that two reaches for the defeated Novogorian are reached by the re-return Etienne Vergonja, who was finally the Rose Rose 2010 race.

Nino Kouter "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src ="


The magic that made Slovenia's voice across the world #video

Best Shooters:

11 – Rudi Požeg Vancaš (Celje),
10 – – Rok Kronaveter (Olympiakos), Rok Sirk (Mura), Andres Vombergar (Olympias),
9 – – Jan Mlakar (Maribor), Francesco Tahiraj (Aluminij), Luka Zahovic (Maribor),
8 – – Dino Hotić (Maribor),
7 – Luka Majcen (Triglav), Marcos Tavares (Maribor)
6 – Senijad Ibričić (Domžale), Saša Ivković (Maribor), Rok Kidrič (Aluminij / Olimpija), Jucie Lupeta (Celje / Olimpija), Shamar Nicholson (Domžale)

Reports by match:

Match photographs:

Domzale: Rudar, photographer Matic Ritonja / Sportida:


Triglav: Aluminum, photographer Matic Ritonja / Sportida:


Maribor: No, Photographer: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida:


Celje: Gorica, Photographer: Filip Jeram / Sportida:


Rugby Players:

Domzale: Rudar 6: 2

Triglav: Aluminij 3: 0

Maribor: No 1: 1

Celje: Gorica 4: 3

Prvigigaška's events on Planet TV and Sportal

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