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Offset: Increase the minimum wage gradually and in several stages


The minimum wage should be increased gradually and in many periods, so we should not exclude all the additions at a time and at the same time, the Minister of Economy Zdravko Počivalšek increased in Brdo pri Kranju today . Changes in the minimum wage, as predicted by the bill, will have a significant impact on the type of business and job and competitiveness of the business environment, the Slovenia Chamber of Commerce (GZS) warns.

The growth of the average and average wages in recent years has not been the growth of gross domestic product (GDP), the minister at the top of the economy said Zdravko Počivalšek. "People deserve fair pay for their work," he said, but we need to consider what is possible and what is a long-term sustainable for everyone.

"A prosperous economy is the foundation of a welfare state"

"We must gradually raise the minimum wage and in several stages. This means we can not bar all the additions immediately and at the same time," he said. According to him, the successful economy is the foundation of the social state. "If it does not create, there's no money for money – not for schools, not for ways, for wages, for medicines," he said.

The Minister believes that the government has enough economy

The economy can survive and adapt, but the best thing a state can do for the economy is to provide a predictable, competitive and stable business environment. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy economy, it is important that changes, for example, in terms of taxation of labor, capital, profit or tax relief, have been published and maintained with a warning. "I really believe there is enough sound reason and a serious sense of the economy in the new government team, that the measures will be implemented for the benefit of us all," said Počivalšek.

The government decides the situation on the proposed amendments today in a correspondence session, the minister said in the statement on the margins of the incident. He estimated that a number of joint Ministers shared his view that it would not be good if the changes were made by January and would delete all allowances of & # 39; The minimum wage. According to his words, coalition delegates do not support support means that the law can not be "improved" with improvements.

GZS highlights the consequences of changes in the minimum wage

"There is a need for such a professional debate as well as a social dialogue on the issue of a minimum wage and salary policy in Slovenia, and this takes time. The consequences of an unreasonable political decision of the minimum wage will have an impact significant on the existence of a whole range of businesses and jobs and competitiveness of the business environment of Slovenia, "the chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia at the top of Slovenia's economy in Brdo pri Kranju today Sonja Šmuc.

Sonja Šmuc GZS

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They urge the government not to support the law

"We are protesting against unilateral changes in legislation that have a significant impact on business conditions and increasing unpredictable business and business environment," he stressed. So, on Tuesday, the government urged the government not to support the law to initiate the minimum wage alignment for 2019 and launch a controversial discussion of social partners on Future Economic and Social Council (ESF) minimum wage regulation.

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Employers are sued for a higher wage. The least paid ones earn only 350 gross euros.




The GZS states that the state can not administer a higher minimum wage without compromising jobs. Šmučeva said only by increasing added value, productivity and exports that can guarantee a higher minimum wage.

"Only a policy that can be determined on a minimum wage"

The Chamber agrees with the minimum wage adjustment, as indicated by the relevant Minimum Wage Act, which considers inflation and other criteria, such as productivity. "The question does not rise in the minimum wage, but it is only a policy that can be determined on the minimum wage, despite the social partnership, and even to support novelties that are completely changing on basic devolution, as the definition of remuneration, without co-ordinating and not working within a month or two, "the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia emphasized.

The bill, filed by Levica in the National Assembly, has also been approved by coalition deputies, it does not consider the fact that the minimum wage is growing faster than inflation. From January 2009, the gross salary rose by 17 per cent, the minimum wage of 43 per cent, and prices rose by 11 per cent.

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In addition, Slovenia already has the lowest difference between the minimum and average wage among EU countries – the average minimum wage in the EU is 43 per cent of the average salary, while in Slovenia has more than 52 per cent of average salary.

Labor productivity has already been rising slower than the minimum wage, stating GZS. In addition, in Slovenia, currently in companies with an average added value per worker less than EUR 18,000, there are more than 50,000 employees. "Many of them work for public contractors that follow the principle of the best bidder with the lowest price," said Shmutov.

They also indicate that the "unique" proposed modification of the minimum wage will have a very rapid effect on the general pay policy, on social transfers, pensions and on public sector salaries. "Will we provide this with new taxes or correct money for healthcare, infrastructure, and elsewhere?" she asked.

He also noted that bidders of law also committed to the wider legal and legal context, as they differ in the definition of pay, as is evident from the Employment Relations Act. After the new salary, it would no longer include the basic salary, bonuses and part of the performance charge. "This unikum identifies major risks to future joint bargaining and a dispute in our legal order," said Schmuche.

The Slovenia Craft and Business Chamber (OZS) also opposes the proposed changes to the legislation, where they endeavor to relieve labor costs and consequently higher net salaries. "If the state took less, more employees would have left," they wrote in a message.

In terms of the ban of proposed minimum wage allowances, they state that all employees have the bonus for work life by law, so the greatest salary increase will be at the expense of this allowance. "It follows that older workers with higher age allowance will yet be discriminated and negative, which will make it harder to get a job, because labor costs will be in place; The senior employer, "was emphasized.

Again, he referred to the lack of social discussions in addressing issues as important as the minimum wage amount.

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