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Sending ships through a fake company.

Last week, Ljubljana police officers arrested a 28-year-old fraud that deceived over 70 individual traders in September when he sent letters through the ransom to his fake post company, buying the benefits of illegal property in the amount of 4737 euros.

The judge investigated order for the person who was detained for 28 years of age.

Over 350 packages have been submitted

According to police officers from the Vij Ljubljana police station, at the end of August, the 28-year-old dealer came to a contract with a postal services company to get illegal action on behalf of the fake Xelio Icc company. The suspect, on 4 September, sent 354 packs through a counterfeit company at the Post and Logistics Center in Ljubljana. He has lobbied 79 individual entrepreneurs who paid a ransom of € 59.97, while 275 times have been removed from the load.

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The company was damaged by more than 12 million euros

"In secret"

According to the Ljubljana Police Directorate, the suspect was misleading those who added to them who were wearing a "strictly secret secret" inscription and a sign of a reliable body that actually sends some requirements about the self-employed craft performance . Receivers of letters were sole owners of Slovenia.

As the package sender, the EU Tax and Legal Organization has been nominated. The Road to Mestni logs 55, 1000 Ljubljana, which, according to police officers, does not exist as the above company Xelio Icc. In the consignment, the additives received "life access" to

At the house investigation, on the basis of a court order, the police received a number of electronic devices and data carriers, USB keys, tablets and mobile phones. The suspect was called to a hearing with the investigative magistrate that he ordered to keep. For such steps, the 28-year campaign has already been addressed.

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Banks warn against mass fraud

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