Friday , May 27 2022

New additives in the link are additives for permanent readiness


Six new inductions were filed for ready ready allowances, paid out in ten faculties at Ljubljana University. They are expected to pay more than EUR 1.7 million. Among other things, it is said that the Dean of the Civil Engineering and Geodesi Faculty and deputies of the Social Work Directorate, POP TV reported.

In mid June, payments were brought against four Defendants of the Economics Directorate, where the allowances were paid for as much as 858,000 euros. Information technicians and technical workers were also underway. Six people from two faculties have now joined the TV above. A total of ten people have already been accused.

Dusan Mramor


Bad news for Dusan Mramor and Metko Tekavcic #video




Decan of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesi, Matjaž Mikoš, said two years ago, if we were talking about responsibility, they should tell who knew that this addition was illegal or who should know it. In the construction faculty, they paid for 80,000 euros of accessories. In both faculties they say that all pay allowances have already been returned.

According to POP TV, the unlawful payment supplement was returned by the former ministers of Dusan Mramor and Maja Makovec Brencic, and the rest of the employees were returned – as requested by law – they received the allowance for only ten months.

The prosecution files fees against persons with three faculties, while four faculties continue with the procedure at the judicial investigation stage. According to television, you are expected to decide whether a detection against the former social science faculty accountants will be filed, where they pay for just under half a million euros of the allowance, and against the old leadership in the Faculty of Philosophy.

Even the first indictment against employees in the Faculty of Economics is not yet finalized, as the defendants defend the defendants. If the case is completed to the end, it is threatened between three months and five years' imprisonment if there were final convictions.

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