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Naturally, in contrast, at home, Tuš was the first to install Slovene vegetables on different shaped shelves


The shower is placed on its shelves – it has more than 70% of Slovene products and is cooperating with many Slovenian producers – in the fruit and veg sections across Slovenia Slovakia's vegetables were shaped from shapes and irregular quantities under the name Of course, it's different. The public motion novel was presented and offered fresh visitor drinks to visitors Of course, different vegetables.

In Slovenia, we reveal one-third of fruit and vegetables, in Europe more than 50 million tonnes

V United States of America Each year they throw a third or 60 million tons of fruit and vegetables worth 160 billion dollars and US, just because it is different. V Europe more than one third of the fresh product of this type. In addition, according to the International Journal of Cleaner Production, members of the University of Edinburgh said that traders in most European countries disposed of more than 50 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables each year at that time, according to FAO, 815 millions of people mainly due to climate change and wars.
Just in Slovenia Ignore more than one third of fruit and vegetablesbefore they reach commercial shelves because they do not meet the standards, although the fruit is of a quality and tasty, and for the production, the same amount of energy and work, transport and logistics needs to be for crop & # 39; n meet standards.

Of course, it's different in the supermarket Planet Celje Tuš. PHOTO: Slovenia shower

Why customers would buy different vegetables naturally

In Tus, they strive to raise awareness among consumers of respect for locally grown foods and to help reduce food campaigns and achieve a sustainable vision as effectively as possible. All buyers who buy vegetables are naturally different, they are aware that they have bought quality, and friendly and natural food for people. He is aware that he will spend more time cutting and cutting vegetables, which will make the dishes delicious. This will also show respect for the traditional values ​​of seasonal foods. Already in traditional food, smaller potatoes were used for roasting, there was no Sunday fault without a fault of the garden, the salad was added to the end of the irregular shape, the sauce made of the knife root, and & # 39 ; The large black rays were used in salads that helped resist the winter days.
Buyer Naturally different crops are aware that they have grown in Slovenian.

Irena Rotar, Head of the "Let's see Slovensko" project in Tuš. PHOTO: Slovenia shower

We reveal fruit and vegetables that do not meet standards and are "ugly"

There have been a number of initiatives and campaigns around the world to raise consumer awareness of the fact that fruit and vegetables, whatever their shape, are of quality and tasty. At Tuš, in order to inform consumers about this problem and to let them know that despite their different appearance, just as delicious and nutritious, fruits and vegetables, the vegetable and fruit sections across Slovenia have distributed Slovenia vegetables of irregular shapes under the name Of course, it's different. These are vegetables produced by Slovenian producers, which, due to irregular shapes, length, size, mass or diameter, are different from those used by buyers, but they are of the same quality and tasty, but as a rule, they would start shipping in waste producers. As the first Slovene trader, taboos of vegetables are irregular forms, and raise awareness of the importance of food that has erased, respect for food, and increasing climate change that affects on crops every year and cause changes in their eyesight.
"According to some experts, almost a third of the fruits and vegetables produced are expected to be destroyed due to irregular forms," at today's showcase event at Celje Planet Tuš Andraž Tuš, Marketing Director at Tuš, and added that »Data is a matter of concern, taking into account the composition of soil, climate change and weather, which each year cares for a lack of fruit or vegetables. For this reason, we created a NATURAL ONLY name in Tuš, as we would like to make users aware of it and the wider Slovenia public so that different shapes of varied and stylish vegetables with Our welcome daily from shop shelves. Similarly, we are working with producers who participate in the Slovensko s podeželja project at proudlavo zelenjave za Tuš, in order to achieve success of seedlings in a row, with delays and different types in different regions from Primorska to Prekmurje, extending the Slovenian season from the beginning to spring to the winter. "

Andraž Tuš, marketing director at Tuš. PHOTO: Slovenia shower

Marija Mehle, KZ Sloga Kranjwho participates in the project, added: "V Sloga Cooperative, we are aware that farmers are making a lot of effort to produce vegetables and fruit, so we're trying to sell premium vegetables and fruits, as well as other types of food, and there's nothing le. For example. Potatoes with oak cream are perfectly edible because the meat is defective and the sting is removed anyway. If the carrot is slightly different, it is also suitable to use, as it is thick potatoes. Some may prefer to use such potatoes – only buyers of such foods should only be found. With a look at such a quality food we help farmers to buy all the materials to be treated next year, to enable the farm to recover and work to & # 39 ; w plant on the farm. Our food is excellent, so it deserves to be appreciated. "

At Tuš, they will continue to strive and make their customers aware of the fact that every piece of fruit and vegetables, whatever the appearance, is quality and tasty and worth eating

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