Thursday , January 21 2021

Miha Zupan and Peter Poles lost the team for April 1st


The deaf basketball player, Miha Zupan, along with the leader Peter Poles, raised friends from the show Dance stars. For POP TV, a collapse caused the seduce to seriously hurt.

Miha broke the team of dancing stars with their nose.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

The top contestant this season is the most beautiful show of dance Miha Zupan and the leader Peter Poles they are obviously very angry, even with humor. After the end of the fourth show, Miha performed a very convincing reduction over POP TV, but was convinced that his leg was very painful because of the collapse. It's also heard when a member of the team has called the nearly rescuers.

While Peter was rolling; on earth, Peter wanted to help him. But when Mihi thought he was convinced by enough people, he began to strive: "April 1st! First April!" and he leaped up to Peter for the joy of the joke.

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