Friday , August 19 2022

Live: Hadalin "survive" super-graean and attack the first legs


In Bansko, Bulgaria, the supercompany of the World Cup started with the super slala work. Also in the fight for the top, the world champion of Štefan Hadalin, who did a great job with the speed test.

After the supergirls started fighting with both the first skiing (Matthias Mayer inside Luca Aerni) is Štefan Hadalin They acted bravely and determined. Despite some shortcomings in the difficult technical route, it is more than obvious that he has done his task very well. This is also shown by the many "cribau" that collect in the goal.

At the moment, it's leading Alexis Pinturault, which has a nice advantage. At present, Hadalin, who took advantage of a closed set, is in the fourth situation in a situation that allows him to attack his first World Cup races.

There are four Slovene representatives at the beginning of the Alpine combination. Klemen Kosi appears with number 25, Miha Hrobat 34, Boštjan Kline 36, Tilen Debelak he will play 47.

The slalom will be on a timetable at 13:00.

Living: Alpine Combination (m):

Žan Kranjec to Štefan Hadalin


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Tina Maze to Ilka Štuhec


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