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Kek is in front of the same task as a dozen years ago


Matjaz Kek and Robert Koren

Matjaž Kek cared for Slovenia's biggest football achievement on the world stage – won the World Championship with a total of 4 points, just one "kiss of happiness", away from fighting South Africa 2010. 39; The way back and forth was far from smooth. Photo: Reuters

Matjaz Kek

Matjaž Kek is appointed Slovenia's new electro this afternoon at the NZS Executive Board meeting. The site left 7 years ago, but in the meantime became the legend of trainer NK Rijeka. What will Kek say in Brdo? Follow the MMC and the conference to the press, which starts at 6pm. Picture by Sandi Fischer

The goal is to form a team spirit, as we do not have a player who could just solve the games, as it was in the past. Quality is not controversial, but in soccer can not act without heart and discipline. We have to work hard for this. Nothing can be done overnight, there is a long way to go a long way, and I hope that the public are aware of this.

Kek's speech in the appointment for the selector on 5 January 2007
Rudi Zavrl and Matjaž Kek, January 5, 2007

President Rudi Zavrl trusted Matjaz Kek's representation task almost 12 years ago, that, as opposed to now, was not the first choice of the NHS than the public. Photo: RTV SLO / T. G.

Slovenia Football

Kek, who in summer 2010, told both children and a grandmother: S. Handanović, Brečko, Cesar, Šuler, Jokić, Radosavljević, Koren, Kirm, Birsa, Dedić / Ljubijankić and Novaković. Photo: Reuters

It is not usual for the President to resign two and a half hours before the game. But this is a recent reflection of the situation. It would be good for everyone to be sober. We have to go back. Slowly, I have everything enough,

Kek is an irrevocable resignation to Simic.
Matjaz Kek

Matjaž Kek Slovenia led 49 games during the first selection season: 20 awards, 9 resumes and 20 defeats with a difference at 61:45 nude. Initially, under his leadership, the team fell to the 83th Pump site, and then got up to a 15th record. Now Kek takes Slovenia as 62 world football teams. Photo: BoBo

If we were a great success, it should be great in cuts. He knows who is responsible first. I am. I can not avoid the responsibilities. I also realize that she has all her shelf life. If I pointed out the sudden arrows to the audience here a few weeks ago, then I thank them this time for motivation. Unfortunately, we could not return a bit of joy. The audience was honest, the best Slovenian player. It would be irresponsible to look for cases other than ourselves. Everything broke with each other.

Kek after being defeated at home to Estonia

There is jazz salt, classics, music as a whole, as well as wine, but at the same time, Matjaž Kek is the only player who has ever played for the national team of Slovenia, Srečko Katanc, only once. Interestingly, this was on November 7, 1992, in a friendly game against Cyprus in Larnaca, when Zlatko Zahovic also argued in the same game. With him in good relation, in autumn 2010, Kek agreed to bring ZZ as the sports director of national teams. Picture by Sandi Fischer

Boštjan Cesar and Robert Koren during the 2010 World Cup round

Samir Handanović – Boštjan Cesar – Robert Koren – Milivoje Novaković was the quartet that Kek became the first national team. Who will now take on the role of accommodation managers and games? Can you convince and compose the Oblak line – Mevlja – Kampl – Ilicic? Photo: Mohor company

I believe we have found common points quickly, a common starting point. A relatively large amount of energy has accumulated around the team. It was a collective conclusion that some changes needed to be made.

Kek talks about Ceferin and the NHS separation
Matjaz Kek

In the coach's career, the problems followed Keka. The first time in Maribor came to the conclusion with the resignation after the European loss against Zimbru of Mold in 2000. In autumn 2004, the second phase in Maribor ended with taking the "Viola" club. As an alternator, Klemna Lavrič retired, he complicated himself with Robin Koren, but challenged a captain's tape, but later he did not come to the public who wished in the first eleven Josip Illičić and Armin Bačinović, who was astounded in Palermo. Photo: EPA

The first mandate, when there were no shortcomings, was bursting. Will it be different?

November 27, 2018 at 07:01
Maribor – MMC RTV SLO

South Africa. Jo's burg. June 18, 2010 Slovenia – USA 2: 0. Holidays. Or four days later. The last whistle at Port Elizabeth. Slovenia is probably the eighth World Cup final in football. The rigid glow that Matjaž Kek gave me.

The crucifixion of the paradise of heaven, which went before and after Matjaz Kek through hell rings. Does the Slovenian soccer player in the middle of the media and bitter fans now have enough patience to transfer agony to Belfast and to euphoria in Maribor? Will Bo Kek will receive one, two or even three additional opportunities in the second selection order? As the first phase of Matjaž Kek on the Slovenian national football team bench is far from being so dreamy, you'll talk about the current blast from a distance of a decade #SrceBije in the League of Nations.

The 2009/10 dream season, but before and after the disorder
Originally, it was staggering, incredibly, with a stiff, conversational and indecent star star before the best football game was born on the sunny side of the Alps, and an unforgettable football fever was discovered in the autumn of 2009, which lasted until the summer of 2010. For the point where Slovenia 15. On the Fifini scale, the squad swept a strong dispute with the president of the federation. Cause? Pledges cut into the euphoria for the height and form of the awards. Money, the whole world manager. He followed drop. The resignation of the President, silenium stamp leaders, fans get tired of one enamel one. Estonia and the transfer of a species selected by Kek in Stožice. Instead of a highlight on Euro 2012, the wines wins over Serbia. The new head did not find a common language, and Kek was saying goodbye. No, it was far from dreaming, but it was exciting and never boring.

The first confrontation – an alternative, almost an emergency exit
Slovenia is dejected, deliberately, without tail and head in the game, without leaders who would be open to the incredible public that meets the gold generation for a few years. only. The European championship after desperate performances has already wasted. At the end of 2018? No, at the end of 2006, when it was Click OK he released the selector's chair.

Matjaz Kek was sitting on the hot bench, not as the first choice. The first candidate of the NHS President Rudija Zavrla was Darko Milanic, but did not agree because Milano wanted to work with Zlatko Zahovic in his work, which was unacceptable to the President. Then Zavrl started a wider round of conversations with the candidates, among those who were Pavel Pinni, Slaviša Stojanovič, Marijan Pušnik and Branko Zupan. Kek is in Ljubljana's inn January 5, 2007 present its vision: "The goal is to form a team spirit, as we do not have a player that can solve the games as it was in the past. Quality is not controversial, but football can not act without heart and discipline.

When Kek is facing Katanc, the president said publicly
This is not the end of the year when Kek's fate was practically sealed. The end of the qualifications for Euro 2008 was even worse than the start, and Slovenia finished in the last half, sixth place! Zavrl lemonade – Katanec started. The first one did not hide his fall in love, and Katanec refused to call the public to flush our fuse again quickly. At the time, the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, in the speech of the Keka selector in the New Year party at the Hotel Slon, an agreement about to happen with Katanc, who then gave the Zavrlu basket.

Turning a star has to star in captain and leader
Because Kek was sentenced to death, he had a contract for the qualification cycle for the 2010 World Cup, he started, and before that, he had to solve the imagination Roberta Korena. The dispute was not a mystery; in February 2008, Korošec refused to play in a friendly game against Denmark, because he preferred club games in the English Premier League. Along with this story, Kek crossed out of the team Klemen Lavrič, then the first Slovenian attacker. The selector publicly asked about Root belonging to Slovenia: "There are desires. It's clear that club obligations are more important than representation." You know? Kek resolved the challenge with challenge – he was remembered with the captain's tape before starting South Africa 2010 qualifications.

April 1st, when the devil took the joke
The start was amazing, 7 points in the first three games. During the winter of 2009, Fredi Zavrl, the first president of the independent NHS alone, joined the head of the football opposition parties Ivan Simic. Spring did not start well; in Belfast, in Northern Ireland, he lost Slovenia after hitting Warren Feeney; On a very uniform group 3 site, Slobes fell to the last place. Kek's chairman was again tight, two versions appeared, but Edy Rey was never closer to Slovenia's bench than those days April.

Tehelno pole – Lužniki – People's Garden
"We need four wins,"
Only Kek's password was defeated in Northern Ireland. And he started with San Marino at home, but the real explosion came to the fall. In Maribor, Poland was completed with 3: 0, followed by a round in Bratislava with 2: 0. Serravalle was formally, in monitoring the corresponding snowball game in Poland – Slovakia did not bring World Cup tickets. In November, a deal with hot Russia was followed by the tautician Guus Hiddink and the star Andrew Arshavin, who was so impressed by Europe on Euro 2008.

In Lužniki, it was bad, as the Russians managed to score 2-0 despite the unexpected game. The left wing player, Diniyar Bilaletdinov, was scored twice. And the final attack came to a big goal at the guests in the minute of 87 minutes when the defender Nejc Pečnik He left behind Robert Koren's arrow behind Igor Akinfeev back. He arrived on November 18, 2009 and Maribor. In the opening half hour, the Slovenians were completely overflowing with the Russians, who were rescued by the goalkeeper and door frame. After 44 minutes, Valter Birsa lost a shot shot on the right hand side Zlatko Dedič between two Russian defender – with the kic kung fu – matches Akinfeev. JAAAAAAAA (R)!

Qatar Boycott? No, just the military captain – the president
Incredible autumn games were also caused by later problems, President Simič promised too much in the euphoria that the players did not forget. He started in March 2010 before a preparatory meeting with Qatar when he even appeared rumors about the boycott of the game because they could not agree to share the cake. It sounded loud and suddenly. On the one hand, president Simic, Captain Koren, on the other hand, said that Kek's choice was quiet in the middle of a cross fire. The tragicomedy was three months before the world championship, due to a difference in requirements and offer, a total of 195,000 euros.

South Africa 2010: victory, victory and defeat
Despite all the serious problems, despite being in public half, Kek succeeded in preparing competitive Slovenia. In the presentation, Algeria dropped (1: 0), followed by drama against the USA at Ellis Park in Johannesburg. Half time, 2-0 for Slovans was great, but then fell too difficult after the goal goal of Landon Donovan and re-mixed 2: 2. The leadership achieved was still be mysterious, but without the necessary energy from Slovenia lost to England (0: 1). When the end of the game was in Port Elizabeth, Donora walked through the playground that scored for the US victory, leaving Slovenia without an eighth game. "Let's go through the way to hell, "he was a sorry selector Kek, who was already thinking he could run the last game, but warned also: "If we are wasting this atmosphere, we are world designers." And he did not have to wait long for this to happen. When playing representatives of the "Simke Thief" at the airport leaving home they announced a new poker.

Height to Zahovic, too much to Simic
Nevertheless, Kek continued, opened a new Stožice, and the victory was taken in Estonia at the beginning of the new qualifications. And in the background it was hot, the players were empowered by the union, the NZS kept the € 10,000 prize for each "South Africa". Simic President was of the opinion that he would bring him as a sports director Zlatko Zahovic, as the only one who can actually bury the axis and silence the NHS with the national team. Kib Maribor attacked the green light to Zahovic, but the first vice-chiefs attacked Simic first, followed by the locker room. Georgia's friendly game came in Koper to the earthquake – Simich resigned irresponsible, the national team lost, Kek was before he resigned to be tired of constant accidents. Slovenia was 15 at Fifini, the highest ever.

Estonia and full whistles of Stožic
Somehow everyone with Simic continued, who succeeded him Alexander Ceferin. The football public was always tired of one enamel, where Captain Koren was getting more and more pregnant. After plumming in Belgrade, temporarily turning the national team into media fraud, he was communicated with the public only through conferences and press. It came on September 2, 2011 and is one of the largest pale and voluptuous Slovenia national performances. In Stozice full, Estonia 1: 2, in a relatively light group, Slovenia lost three key points. Keck was aware of the expiration date. And after losing all the theoretical possibilities for the success of Euro 2012, which should be the highlight of the generation, Slovenia has defeated one of the national teams of the former Yugoslavia for the first time. In Serbia, Serbia has fallen with an unusual goal of Dare Vrsic.

He added more hope with some changes – such as the contents of Josip Ilicic, who had not yet found a city – there is a Renaissance. And conversations Kek – Ceferin show great differences in both cash and other issues, and Kek farewell on the 24th of October 2011 from the selected site. The same day he was appointed Slaviša Stojanović, who was totally satisfied with the majority of the public and the media, the most persistent in Keka's love was the Styrian.

Run the soup, second
Slovenia's game curve slips quickly and then collapsed. Nostalgia returned in a year Sretka Katanca, while the second phase did not bring the first successes. That is why there are more wars in the media and conferences to the unusual press. However, we should not forget that Slovenia is Basel with a main 2: 0 on the way to Euro 2016, when it happened to eclipse and break.

What is the difference between Katans II and Kecko II?
After his success with Slovenia, Katanec did not have anything to show for the coaches; On the other hand, Matjaž Kek was a sole club coach in Slovenia, and was abroad in Croatia, where he became the most important resident of Rijeka. Before that, he had the story of the Saudi Arabia disaster with Al-Ittihad during the 2011/2012 season. From 2013 to this autumn, for five and a half years, he managed to lead Rijeka to win the first historic title of the champion of Croatia (2016/17), twice as a championship champion and once a senior cap. He scored three times with the Reçan during the European League group stage.

In doing so, he adhered to his football philosophy. "I'm just talking about two minutes, that's when my ball team has and when it does not have it. When a ball ball, I call creativity, dynamics, I want a goal when it does not have disciplined protection , have arranged " Kek explained to Playboy a few years ago. "Orgasm is only back in football."

Portrait of Matjaz Kek

Born: 9. 9. 1961 (Maribor)

Career Game:
1979-1984 Maribor
1984-1988 Spittal / Drau
GAZ 1989-1994
1995-1999 Maribor (3 times Slovenia national champion)

Career Career:
1999-2000 assistant trainer from Maribor
2000-2001 Maribor first coach and national champion
Maribor assistant coach 2001-2002 and national champion
2002-2004 Maribor's first coach, national champion in 2003
Young team trainer 2006-2007 to 15 and 16 years old
2007-2011 Coach Representative of Slovenia (South Africa 2010)
2011-2012 Al Ittihad Trainer (Saudi Arabia)
Trainer 2013-2018 Rijeka, national champion of Croatia, double cup champion

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