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Jamie Oliver has gone bankrupt, and 22 restaurants will be closed from 25


Chain of British restaurants from star chef Jamie Oliver have been subject to insolvency proceedings due to financial difficulties, overseas press agencies reported. To achieve it, Oliver KPMG, where it was said that 22 restaurants would be closed from 25 on the island, chose about a thousand people missing from work.

He greeted with simple but healthy dishes

Briton Oliver has received recipes for preparing simple and healthy meals written to the skin of today's generations. His famous cookery shows, for example, in Kitchen to the nose, Jamie's 30-minute kitchen and Jamie's 15 minute kitchen, and wrote a number of cookery books.

At its peak, he decided to go into the business. After several attempts with restaurants and a chain of pastry stores, began to open restaurants in Italy under the brand name in Europe and the world in 2008 Jamie Italian. The decision to start the insolvency process applies only to restaurants on the island. Restaurants Jamie Italian it is still 23, after they were closed last year, which left 600 people out of work. Part of Oliver's chain group or restaurant is also a restaurant in London Barbecoa inside Fifteen.

However, starting the protection procedure against creditors does not touch the restaurants Jamie Italian outside Great Britain. The nearest restaurant of this type is Slovenia in Vienna.

Loss of 20 million pounds

Oliver has appointed KPMG as the group's insolvency administrator, according to reports from overseas press agencies. This afternoon, it was reported that opening the procedure would encourage the immediate closure of 22 restaurants in the UK, only three outlets at the Gatwick airport in London will remain open, and the fate will be decided. 39 later. Because of the start of the insolvency process, about a thousand people will be left without work immediately, and added to KPMG.

Oliver wrote to this news that such a result of events was very sad and that it was thanks to all the employees and suppliers who tried with the soul and with it; For more than a decade for the success of the chain. He added that he understood how difficult it was for everyone involved. He also thanked all the customers who supported and enjoyed offering these restaurants in the last ten years. "It was a great pleasure for us to serve you," he added.

Oliver has been looking for a buyer for some time in the light of increased competition in this part of the market after the chain's revenues. Jamie Italian last year only 11 per cent dropped, while the star only kept the star with a cash injection of £ 13 million (about € 15 million).

Together, Oliver's business empire, including some other companies, recorded a loss of £ 20 million last year, mainly due to poor restaurant performance.

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